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When you are getting started to be prepared for an emergency, it can be difficult to know what to do first. What’s the highest priority? Should you start with storing water? Or buy pre-packaged foods such as eFoods? What about storing medicines, toilet paper, and diapers? Or perhaps sorting out which investments are good bets for in the case of a national economic disaster?

We really need to do all of it. But doing all at once would be way too overwhelming and draining for any of us – budget-wise and emotionally. Luckily there is a good way to start smaller, by accumulating a 3-month supply of food and other items you use regularly.

Why Have a 3-Month Supply?

A 3-month supply fills a specific niche in your storage arsenal. It is a supply of those items that you use on a regular basis. It is a supply of the things that if you didn’t have them, you would really miss them. It is food that is more perishable and will be rotated regularly.

What Goes in a 3-Month Supply?

The easiest way to plan a 3-month supply is to think through what you normally eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Pick at least 5 or 6 main meals that you can rotate through if needed. Make a list of them. Then make a list of all the foods that you need for those meals. These are the foods you should have in your 3-month supply.

Food is not the only thing you want in your 3-month supply. That’s not the only thing you use on a regular basis, is it? What about storing bathroom tissue, toothpaste, mouthwash, diapers, medicines, and anything else you use on a regular basis? Yes, you need them, too.

Where Should You Keep Your 3-Month Supply?

Your 3-month food supply should include canned goods, frozen foods, and fresh foods, in order to give you more options of what to fix. Some items should be kept in the freezer, the refrigerator, the pantry, and, for some items like toiletries and hygiene things, even under the beds or bathroom sink, or in the linen closet or garage. They can be wherever you have room to store items.

How to Accumulate a 3-Month Supply?

It would be nice if we all had plenty of money to spend on our emergency storage. Some people use their tax return to beef up their food storage – a good friend of mine did just that this year.

But that’s not realistic for most of us, so you will probably need to go about it another way. One way that works for a lot of people is that every time you go to the grocery store to replace something you use regularly, buy just an extra can or two and you will soon be way ahead of where you are now. You can also take advantage of any case sales at your local grocery store, where each can is significantly discounted from the regular price.

Building up a 3-month supply is something that all of us can do easily right away. Next, over time, build up to a larger supply with long-term storage (grains, beans, etc.). Get started today!

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