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A while ago Rock wrote a really interesting post about bananas, and toward the end he mentioned the eFoods Direct Tropical Fruit Medley.  He called it “absolutely addicting” as a snack.  I value his opinions, so I checked it out online.

Honestly, I assumed the Tropical Fruit Medley would probably have a lot of additives, and that it wouldn’t be all that special.  We try to buy the best foods that we can, and that means we get long-term food storage for, well, long-term food storage, but we really like the food we eat every day to be very fresh.  We avoid processed foods.  Imagine my surprise when I read the ingredient list for this stuff:

INGREDIENTS: Banana Slices, Coconut Oil, Pineapple Dices, Mango Dices, Papaya Dices

That’s all.  No hydrogenated oils?  No high fructose corn syrup?  I was impressed.  I thought it was worth trying the Medley, especially since my husband would be able to eat it.  So I ordered some.

We really like it.  A lot.

It’s kind of like this: every year a local university bookstore has a photography contest where customers submit photos of themselves with their bookstore bags, in interesting locations.  People submit some pretty wild photos—they go scuba diving and take an underwater picture with their bag, or they take their bag to the top of ancient ruins somewhere, and so on.  That’s basically how we are with our Tropical Fruit Medley.  We take it everywhere.

Our Tropical Fruit Medley has been on many hikes.  It’s been with us on little road trips to Idaho, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and California.  We’ve taken it up mountains and to the beach.  (A word of advice: if you take your Medley to the beach, consider putting it in smaller bags, unless you want the whole bag to be “seasoned” with sand.)

Of course, we also eat it at home—when we watch movies, at the computer, while relaxing out in the backyard, etc.  We love this stuff!

Several times my husband has told me how much he likes it, without me ever asking.  “You know, Em,” he’ll say, “I really like this Tropical Fruit Medley.”  “I know, right?  Isn’t it great?”  “It really is.”

He recently told me that the pineapple chunks are his favorite part.  They’re sweet.

We do plan to keep this as part of our food storage, but we’ll keep ordering it as a non-emergency snack, too.  It is very tasty!

3 Responses to “Best. Snack. Ever.”

  1. Rock

    Curse you, Emily! After reading this post I couldn’t resist digging deep into my closet where I keep my Tropical Fruit Medley hidden way down at the bottom of a stack of food storage bins. Found it! I’m eating from the bag right now.

    I deliberately made the Tropical Fruit Medley difficult to access precisely because I can’t trust myself to not eat it all gone. You just had to make me want some, didn’t you?

    • Emily

      Oh, Rock, that’s very funny! At least the packages are big, so maybe by the time you finish this bag, you’ll be able to resist the urge to raid your stash again?