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As police are on the hunt to find the bombers responsible for the Boston Marathon Bombing, the city has been put on lockdown. All schools have been closed, and the public transportation system shut down, according to U.S. News. The purpose of the lockdown is to protect all the people in the city from possible attacks during the manhunt.

The question is: what would you do if your city went into lockdown?

Get a food storage

There is a very real possibility that your city could be next, so you need to prepare now for a lockdown. Nobody knows how long any lockdown will last. A one-week food supply might be enough to get you by when there is a lockdown, but you should probably have a one-month food supply around in case of a longer emergency.

When the city has been shut down and everyone is expected to stay indoors, there may be no way for you to get to the store to buy dinner for the night or to get to a restaurant. If you are only in lockdown for a few hours, then it will not matter as much. The problem is that you could end up in lockdown for just a couple of hours or for days depending on the situation.

While just sitting in your home for days, you may even want extra snacks such as freeze dried fruits to keep everyone happy. It is a perfect way to keep all the kids calm when they cannot head outside and get exercise.

Make sure it is nutritious

The other great thing about—-eFoods products——-is that you are getting the nutrition needed during the lockdown. Those who only prepared for emergencies with candy bars and rice will be hurting by the time the lockdown is over. By always keeping a nutritious food storage around, you can be sure that you will stay healthy and enjoy the food during the incident.

Extra toiletries

If you are going to be in the lockdown for days, you may need some other things. It is always better to have extra toiletries around for an emergency. If your city gets put on lockdown, and you are on your last roll of toilet paper, you will be hurting. Make sure you have extra deodorant and clean clothes prepared, so at the very least, you can stay clean and smell good.

As we are seeing with the Boston Marathon situation, it is very possible for a city to go on lockdown at any point; are you prepared?


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