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cabin in woods

With all the concerns lately about natural and non-natural disasters, including the economy, some people are choosing to prepare a bug-out location they will go to when they are ready to go off-grid. What are some things to take into consideration when you look for a place to bug out?

First of all, ideally you’ll create a community to take with you. You are a lot more likely to survive whatever might happen if you have other people around. I know, the temptation is to say “I’ve got guns. I’ve got ammo. I’ll just be a lone wolf and make it through by myself.” But that’s not realistic. You can’t be watching for danger in every direction all the time. Plus there’s food to grow, catch, and prepare. You can’t do all the tasks that living an off-grid lifestyle will call for — it’s impossible. If you didn’t have to worry about marauders, government intervention, etc., you might be able to be a hermit. But just living alone isn’t the goal. So what do you do? Find some like-minded friends and consider getting some property together, somewhere that you can be off-grid and defend yourselves. If things happen like some people are expecting, it won’t be safe to make trips into the city.

To be truly independent, you’ll need some acreage. You’ll want a garden, fruit trees, and livestock, and all of those require a decent amount of space. If your land has a river or pond, you might have fish to catch and eat. Keep in mind that a property with a southern exposure will maximize the sun for our gardens and fruit trees. Also, note any requirements for how many head of livestock can be on property. The larger the piece of land, the more privacy you’ll be able to expect. Larger pieces of land might also come with hunting rights, water rights, and other benefits.

Having year-round access to the property will probably be important. If your bug-out location is in an area that gets snow, you might find that your bug-out location is inaccessible when you need it most (unless you have a snowplow). You will also want to know who maintains the roads out to your property. Is it county maintained or do the local owners cooperate and maintain it as best they can?

Many pieces of land have a well already drilled. That will save you a lot of money and hassle. But you should also know how fast the well runs. Of course, you can also have a water tank on the property and have a water truck refill it periodically.

Some people really want trees on their property, not only for shade, but also for lumber or firewood, should they need it.

Does the property have a house or other shelter on it already, or will you need to make something or bring in something? You can live in a tent, but that will get old fast, especially when winter hits. Some people have a deck and a yurt, or use a mobile home or RV for shelter while they build a more permanent house. If you have trees on the property, you might consider clearing the land and making a log cabin. If you don’t have trees or don’t want to use your trees, you will want building supplies delivered to the location before delivery becomes impossible due to weather or conditions in the area. Housing can be anywhere from a 4-season tent (about $600), to a refurbished cargo container box (about $3-4K), a yurt ($3-8K), etc.

Other things to consider for your property are how you will get power. Want a solar generator, wind turbine, and/or propane?

Also, do you want a greenhouse or an outbuilding to hold equipment? You should consider the cost of being able to work the land — gardening tools, axes and saws, rototiller, snow removal equipment, etc.

Having a property away from the city can be a real stress reducer when we are preparing for TEOTWAWKI. If you decide to get a bug-out location, hopefully this has given you some new things to consider.

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