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long term storage food deals

  Wood and gas will ultimately become precious resources during a long-term disaster. When a regional or national disaster is billed as a short-term emergency, it is still very wise to conserve all resources just in case the official government disaster estimate proves false. Integrating thermos cooking into the family or mutual assistance group preparedness… Read more »

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You’ve started gathering all sorts of things that are important to have in an emergency (whatever type of emergency it is: persona, natural, etc.). These things should include water, fuel, first aid kit, flashlight, food, and a lot of other things. Today, let’s talk about your food storage. Hopefully, you’ve bought some food from eFoods… Read more »

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survival stoves

  Survival stoves and portable camping stoves are uncomplicated outdoor cooking devices that are handy when camping and can save your life during a disaster situation. During a long-term disaster fuel for a generator, wood logs, and charcoal will ultimately be in short supply or disappear entirely. Possessing a basement full of delicious eFoodsDirect long-term… Read more »