Cooking With Food Storage

What Comfort Items Will You Store?


We all have a comfort zone. We tend to freak out a little when we are two steps outside of our zone and we all know it. Why stock seven different long-term storage meals if none of them are something we would eat in a non-emergency situation? Part of the reason people prepare for the worst is because of the sudden change. Having a stockpile of the foods and other supplies can make a disaster situation much less of a shock. To help even more, it’s a good idea to do a few things while you are preparing. Let’s take ... Read More »

Cooking with Food Storage: Raspberry Chocolate Chip Muffins Recipe


Warm homemade muffins straight from the oven. This treat is within your reach when you follow this simple recipe that uses real wholesome ingredients. The addition of freeze dried raspberries turns an ordinary muffin into something special and eFoodsDirect helps you reduce the cost per muffin. Grab a little piece of summer now. This raspberry chocolate chip muffin recipe is easy to follow and hard to fail. Covered in an air tight container, the muffins will last for days (although they will be eaten by then) at room temperature or frozen for later use. My family enjoys these muffins for ... Read More »

Can you can it?


Canning is a method where heat is applied to food to stop the natural process of spoilage. Generally, there are two methods to do this    Water-bath canning    Pressure canning. Why Do We Can? Canning builds self reliance and produces high quality flavorful food that can save you money. It’s a great way to fill your pantry with food the old fashioned way. How Canning Works All cooking involves some science and canning is no different. Food preservation is in essence, freezing time by either stopping natural processes from occurring or encouraging specific good bacteria to thrive and crowd ... Read More »

Intelligent Reasons to Rotate Your Food Storage

Canned Goods

My closest grocery store has a special big sale periodically, and I took full advantage of it this time. It’s a “Case Lot” sale, where canned goods and other items are cheaper by the case. I bought several cases of canned items we use regularly. It feels good to know that I’m quite a few cans ahead of where I was before. But those canned goods on sale wasn’t my favorite find. Along with case lots, right now that store also has (on sale!) items for other aspects of food storage: bulk sizes of grains, jars for home canning, and ... Read More »

Why You Don’t Rotate Your Food Storage — Probably


The other day, I was looking through my pantry in search of something I needed. While I was there, I noticed some things in my food storage that need to be rotated – asap. Some things tend to be easy to rotate – like baking supplies (flour, sugar, etc.) and canned goods (soups, etc.). Other things can just stay a part of our food storage forever…and who knows if it will even be edible and good when the time comes to use it? We all know we need to rotate our food storage, but a lot of us don’t do ... Read More »

Freezer Cooking: Breakfast Food that Freezes Well

Freezing cooking is a great tool to have in your home arsenal. Cooking meals ahead has many benefits. For one, it is economical and will save your money. Being able to pull a meal out of the freezer when you are rushed removes the need or the temptation to grab something out. Using freezer cooking, you can also take advantage of food items and ingredients that are on sale or can be purchased in bulk. Use healthy ingredients, and you will avoid all of the added chemicals, sugars, fats, etc. One direct way that freezer cooking has helped my own ... Read More »

Re-Commit and vow not to quit.


The New Year is often seen as a time for re-birth, a time to take stock of the year gone by and start anew. We all vow to make better decisions about our lives.  Whether these decisions involve losing the holiday pounds, seeing family more often, or even finding love; New Year’s resolutions are a universal norm. Most people set themselves up for disappointment and ultimately failure, by setting unrealistic goals, while  some people are just too hard on themselves;  not being able to resist a piece of birthday cake is not the end of the world. Resolutions are made ... Read More »

Easy Family Meals During the Holidays

Have you ever had a child come home to tell you that she told the teacher that you would be happy to bake four dozen cookies for the holiday bake sale, and, oh yes, the cookies are due the next day? I have. I’ve also experienced the joy of having to make three homemade angel costumes for the school play, getting the kids to nightly choir practice, and hosting a holiday party all in the same week. For moms, the holidays can be extra busy, and despite all of the craziness, the kids still have to eat. Funny how that ... Read More »

Better Than Restaurant Soup

tortilla soup

Not to besmirch the memory of my dear departed mother, but I didn’t really prefer her cooking growing up. Though Mom was considered a wonderful cook by just about everyone she knew, I didn’t see it that way. Even as a kid, “Home Cooking” held little appeal for me, and when I grew up and had the means to eat out, I ate where the real food was: restaurants. I instinctively knew that’s where the pros got their vittles. In time I fancied myself a connoisseur of soup -all kinds of soup served in all kinds of restaurants. The first ... Read More »

Powdered Eggs and Long-Term Food Storage


Eggs should be an important part of any food storage plan. They contain protein and important nutrients, such as omegas. In addition, eggs are so versatile. They can be cooked and eaten or used in in baking recipes. You will be thankful for easy eggs when food supplies dwindle. Many new preppers shy away from storing eggs, because they don’t know how. Eggs in their original form don’t do to well when stored more than a few weeks. Many families rely on freezing eggs substitutes or egg whites. As a new prepper, I did this myself. While freezing eggs is ... Read More »