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Many posts ago, I did an entry about packing Comfort Items in your emergency kit. Some readers wrote in suggesting comfort items they had packed and even used during some emergencies. A few of them live in hurricane zones, and had spent a lot of time waiting in evacuation areas for the storm to pass.  When I did my hurricane post a few weeks ago, I decided they were definitely worth sharing and could help those of your updating packs for hurricanes or whatever emergencies come your way. Thanks specifically to Mary and Paul!

Religious items: Whatever religion you practice, including inspirational text or emblems in your pack will remind you of your spiritual strength, and keep you focused.

Written Puzzles: Sudoku, Crosswords, Word Scrambles etc. are challenging and take concentration. They will be able to provide some sort of distraction, and if needs be pass the time.

Hobby Items: Within reason of course, include hobby items that are semi-portable. Sewing/knitting, sketching, writing etc. Include whatever items you’ll need to work on these.

Portable Media: iPod, MP3 player etc. Make sure it is charged and you have headphones. Music can lift your spirits and keep you calm. The battery life may not last through your whole emergency – but you’ll get good use out of it.

Honestly, there are so many different options – the possibilities are endless. Whatever you have in your life that will improve your mood and give you comfort, its worth including! Put some thought into it, you won’t regret it.

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  1. millenniumfly

    Given our plugged in society I figure you can’t have enough comfort items for short term disasters. After all, we’re not used to being bored even for a few hours, especially children.