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Turn on the news any given day and a plethora of reasons reminding us of exactly why we should cherish the Second Amendment, present themselves. The right to bear arms also offers us the ability to spend just a few hours in a class demonstrating our gun skills, in order to garner a concealed carry permit. Who should get a concealed carry class? Every sane non-felon who is physically able to safely shoot a gun.

Unfortunately the government will not allow anyone under the age of 21 to get a concealed carry permit. A lack of maturity is the most often-cited reason for the age restriction. Apparently, at 18 you are considered mature enough to vote for the leader of the free world, get married, enter in legally binding contracts, join the military and shoot a grenade launcher, but just can’t be trusted to pack a .22 in an ankle holster for personal protection. Maybe one day the arbitrary age restriction will change. Because possessing common sense is not a requirement for holding public, we best not hold our breath waiting for such an alteration to the law to occur.

After practicing for nearly a year, I finally felt ready to go take my concealed carry class recently. I did not want to be “the girl” in the class, and being competitive by nature, I actually wanted to the best shooter in the course. The amount of time I spent training was not only to garner bragging rights over my dear son-in-law James, who took the class with me, but also involved a desire to know my .40 caliber Ruger inside and out and be able to troubleshoot any problem which could occur. I also wanted to be able to take my Ruger apart and put it back together with my eyes shut, basically I wanted to be a quality and responsible shooter.

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My concealed carry permit test target. Was disappointed that I only hit the bull’s eye once, but was thrilled to learn better stance, trigger squeeze, and drawing techniques.

Women of all ages appear to be the largest growing segment of novice shooters seeking the concealed carry permit. Rob Truitt, a military veteran who taught the class I just completed, stated that female shooters are a joy to teach because so many are novices there are fewer bad habits to correct. Rob also noted that the ladies appear determined to perfecting their stance, aim, and overall technique during the course. No one likes sitting in at a table for four hours watching a power point presentation and listening to an educational lecture, but Rob made the tedious, boring, yet important task, quick enjoyable.

In Ohio, concealed carry classes are now just eight hours long, so Rob has added an advanced CCW course with moving targets and a tactical rifle course to his offerings so students of all levels can enhance their personal protection skills. To help encourage more women to learn how to shoot, Rob has offered several free classes for women only. If the SHTF, you sure-shot husband or significant other may not be at your side, and would not be able to remain in such close proximity 24/7 until society normalizes again.

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Concealed carry test practice target.

Even in a pre-teotwawki scenario, it just does not make sense to set yourself up as a victim. Our family avoids businesses with a “rob me sign” hanging on the door as much as possible. The no gun zone signs on specific stores and buildings must be obeyed and immediately alert criminals (who are not concerned about gun carry laws) that they will likely be the only person in room who is armed.

Red 7 Firearms Instruction Concealed Carry Permit Class video courtesy of The Prepping Newlyweds YouTube Channel:  Rob Truitt offering instructions and testing our son-in-law James and a novice female student.

Some cities and states have fought concealed carry permits tooth and nail. Chicago, a city with one of the highest violent crime rates in the United States, was one of the final holdouts in the legal fight to allow concealed carry. Illinois became the 50th state in the county to all the issuance of concealed carry permits. The cost of the permit is decidedly higher than in many other state. Illinois residents must fork over about $600 for the permit and attend a minimum of 16 classroom and range training hours. A Crime Prevention Research Center study revealed that 11.1 million Americans currently hold a concealed carry permit. The statistic demonstrates a 147 percent increase from study results seven years ago. Cook County, where Chicago is located, has received the highest number of concealed carry permit applications in the state.

After the concealed carry law passed, eager citizens began signing up, and filling, gun training and shooting classes faster than the rifle association could schedule them. “The temperature would be 40 below, and you’d have these guys out on the range, having to crack off the ice from their guns to see the target. But they’d do it, because they were that passionate about getting their license,” Person added.

Concealed carry permits increase self-defense abilities and prompt crime rate drops, according to most recently available violent crime statistics.The violent crime rate in Chicago has dropped since such permits became legal to issue late last year. City officials credit “better police” work with the drop in violent crime and theft in the city. One significant important crime-deterring factor appears to have been summarily dismissed by Chicago leaders – the recently passed law allowing concealed carry permits to be issued to residents.

There are currently about 85,000 concealed carry permit applications were filed in Chicago. A total of 68,549 firearms permits were issued almost immediately after the state’s concealed carry laws changed. Since Chicago began issuing concealed carry permits in 2013, robbery arrests have declined 20 percent, burglary arrests are down by the same percentage, and vehicle thefts have decreased by a total of 26 percent. During the first quarter of 2014, homicides in the Windy City have reached a 56-year low.

The distance a shooter must stand away from the target during a concealed carry permit test varies by both instructor and state requirements. Red 7 requires shooters stand 21-feet (7-yards) away from a 10-inch paper plate target. Rob chose the distance not randomly but because, as he demonstrated using a James armed with a staple gun, you do not want a bad guy (or a bad girl) getting any closer to you than that before pulling your gun. You would likely be surprised at just how quickly a member of a marauding horde can cover the 21-feet and how long it may take you to draw your weapon to defend yourself during such a scenario.

During a teotwawki situation, “getting down to handguns” is not ideal – you can protect your family from a much safer distance using a rifle. Learning how to shoot a pistol and getting a concealed carry permit should be seen as a necessary first step in your preparedness and self-defense plan and not a stopping point.

Beans, Bandaids, and bullets are the essentials of prepping. Make a plan for every member of the family to learn enhanced first aid skills, budget long term storage food into your monthly preps, and teach every member of your family or tribe (my favorite phrase for a prepping mutual assistance group) how to shoot a handgun, rifle, and a bow when age appropriate.

Are you surprised more women are getting their concealed carry permit and that crime goes down when more citizens are legally armed?



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