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Chelsea Nunez beef ambassador

Since my college experience began, I have met people from all over the nation and from many different backgrounds. Along with this, I have experienced plenty of the awkward moments that are bound to happen when people with different backgrounds meet. This was the case just a few weeks ago when two of my closest friends − who happen to hold quite opposite ideas of what constitutes a good meal − had dinner at my apartment.

One of the first friends I made when I moved away to college also happened to be my first roommate, *Dee. Our friendship grew slowly at first, but once we realized that we both watch foreign films, have more books than clothes, and listen to the same Celtic Christmas CD, we knew that ours was a friendship of the fates. Similarities considered, Dee and I still have many differences. One of the biggest differences between the two of us is that Dee hasn’t eaten meat in the last six years; Dee happens to be a vegetarian.

Fast forward to this fall when I moved to a different apartment in my complex and met my new roommates, one of which was Mary. Mary is from a small town in California, where she grew up on a ranch. In only a few short weeks, Mary and I have gotten to be great friends. However, because I grew up in a suburb of Salt Lake City, Mary and I have our differences, especially when it comes to the different high school activities we were involved in. For example, I wrote for the school newspaper while Mary traveled to different states promoting beef and agriculture− she happened to be a Beef Ambassador.

Do you see where this story is going?

A few weeks ago, Dee − the vegetarian − met Mary − the Beef Ambassador. Things felt a little awkward at first, but by the end of the night I had learned so much from listening to both of these great girls share their viewpoints on a controversial topic. This situation got me thinking: What if someday my family has opinions about food that are as varied as the opinions held by these two friends? Luckily, the products provided by eFoodsDirect offer one excellent solution. All eFoodsDirect products maintain the Nutriversal Seal of Promise, which ensures uncompromising quality and a focus on nutrition and customer appeal. A specific part of the Nutriversal Seal is the promise of vegetarian products. This is wonderful if you happen to be a vegetarian or are cooking for somebody who is. At the same time, eFoodsDirect products do use textured vegetable protein (TVP) so you and your family won’t miss the taste and texture of meat. You also always have the option of adding your own choice of meat into any eFoods meal. In short, whether you are a vegetarian or a Beef Ambassador, eFoodsDirect has something to offer. I think I’ll be inviting Dee and Mary over for some Vegetable Beef Stew next week.

*All names have been changed.

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