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Should the power grid go down for just a single week, approximately one million Americans will likely die. Many scientists agree that such a doomsday scenario would also cause trillions of dollars’ worth of damage. With the very existence of such a significant portion of society on the line, a logical person would think that the government would be taking the idea of a massive solar storm, CME, cyber attack, or EMP attack, far more seriously. Should the power grid go down, the delivery of food to the local grocery store would end abruptly.

Without electricity to run credit card machines, all purchases would have to be made in cash or bartered for with other tangible items. Instant inflation would likely occur if a cyber attack took down the power grid. A gallon of milk, package of meat, or a single apple could carry an extremely hefty price tag, further draining the limited amount of cash in your pocket. Purchasing long-term storage food in now and on a routine basis means you will not be waiting in long, and possibly dangerous lines, attempting to grab anything edible still left on the shelves during a power grid attack. The food supply in America would disappear in three days or less.

Israel just unveiled its Information Grid cyber security system, which mirror the country’s Iron Dome system, to prevent a power grid down scenario – but the United States has failed to pass any legislation to embark upon a similar project.

NSA Director Michael Rogers says that Chinese cyber hackers can shut down the power grid in the United States and essentially end life as we know it in America. According to the federal official, China and “one or two” other countries are capable of launching cyberattacks that terminate the ability of the power grid to function and shut down other “critical systems” nationwide.

During a House Intelligence Committee hearing NSA Director Michael Rogers said “adversaries” of the United States are currently engaging in “electronic reconnaissance” on a regular basis. Such activities are being conducted in order to ensure that China and other adversarial nations are “in a position to disrupt the industrial control systems” such as the power grid, which enable food and medication delivery and allow chemical facilities and water treatment plants to function.

The real possibility of massive and devastating power grid cyberattacks has long been discussed by both national security experts and the five million prepper families in the United States, but has not officially been confirmed by a “top cyber official” in the federal government until now. Former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said, not long after leaving office, that a cyberattack on the power grid was a matter of “when” not “if.”

The NSA director also said, “All of that leads me to believe it is only a matter of when, not if, we are going to see something dramatic. [In cyberspace] You can literally do almost anything you want, and there is not a price to pay for it.”

The United States power grid has more blackouts than any other country in the developed world, according to new data that spotlights the country’s aging and unreliable electric system. The data by the Department of Energy (DOE) and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) shows that Americans face more power grid failures lasting at least an hour than residents of other developed nations. And it’s getting worse.

The power grid is our most antiquated and vulnerable piece of infrastructure. The entire system is teetering on the brink of failure. The grid is often called America’s glass jaw because of the nation’s reliability on it and also due to its many weaknesses, such as its vulnerability to a domino effect because it is interconnected. There are about 5,800 power plants and 450,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines in the US, many of them decades old and a large portion of them connected to one another.

Non-government cyber experts appear to agree with Michael Rogers, and noted that United Sates Cyber Command has the ability to “hack into and damage” the power grid and other critical infrastructure. Some of the experts feel such a capability serves as a mutual deterrence to China and other nations attacked the U.S. power grid. The natural deterrence argument has some merit, but if the cyberhackers take out the power grid with a few strokes of a keyboard, it may be too late for America to launch a retaliatory attack.

NSA Director Roger’s comments about China taking out the U.S. power grid were given in response to questions by Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Rogers. The Michigan Republican asked the director about a private report which detailed “intrusions” into the power grid and other critical pieces of infrastructure, by China. When the NSA director was asked what countries, in addition to China, were being monitored as for cyber hacking threats to the power grid, he said, “We’ve watching multiple nation states invest in this capability.”

A power grid attack occurred in Arizona on June 14, 2014, yet news of the incident barely caused a flutter in the 24/7 news cycle. If the makeshift bomb had functioned as designed, more than 30,000 residents would have been left in the dark and rocketed back to a 1800s existence – at least temporarily. The bomb was placed near a 50,000-gallon diesel fuel tank at a “critical transformer substation” near a border town south of Tucson. The bomb designed to take down at least a portion of the Arizona power grid failed to wreak the havoc envisioned, but clearly illustrated once again how vulnerable the nation’s electrical grid has truly become. The homemade bomb could have fit inside the palm of your hand, according to Arizona investigators. It was placed under a tank and ignited, but did not explode.

Michael Rogers added, “We need to define what would be offensive, what’s an act or war.” President Barack Obama wants to create a “set of international principles” governing cyber operations, citing banning cyberattacks on hospitals as an example.

Are you prepared to survive a power grid collapse? Do you know how much food it would take to keep your family from starving for a month?

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