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Debt sucks.

I’m sure you know this. Most adults in the US have some kind of debt. Be it a car loan, credit card, mortgage or something else. What’s worse is, many people are paying out more than they earn every month. As you can imagine, having a negative income is not ideal.

Preparing is hard enough, but trying to save anything and buy a little extra is hard to do when you have no disposable income. It’s super easy for me to sit here and pecking away at the keyboard and preaching to you how you should eliminate your debt. That’s both arrogant and ignorant of me to say.

The truth of the matter is, debt sucks and it is a black hole of stress and problems. The way out is sheer willpower and cutting expenses. Finding a way to up your income will help to. Not living at your means but trying to increase your means.

Once you start to work your way out of debt bit by bit, you will feel like a weight is being lifted. Part of the willpower is not taking, what seems to be extra money, and spending it on things you don’t need. This is hard. You are going to feel like you should get a reward or that you deserve to take a break. Instead, if you aren’t going to put the freed income towards paying off another debt, at least start to stockpile food. Having food is never a bad investment.

Again, having a little extra food and some leeway with your money will make you feel like a whole new world is opening up. Keep your self on the straight and narrow though. Falling off the get out of debt wagon is easy to do. Falling off the debt wagon is just as devastating as any other addiction.

Another way to think about your food storage is this. Food storage is like your bank account. Having more in your reserve is always better than owing someone. While that analogy doesn’t really have the same excitement behind it as getting rich, both are hard work and will come from a habit of saving.

Starting to grow your own food is like getting a second job. Anytime you can increase your input versus whats being consumed, you will be making headway. Starting a small garden for some of the little things you eat like herbs and spices might help you cook more at home. Eating at home is usually less expensive than eating out.

If you are a little cash poor, you might need to live on hotdogs and mac and cheese for a bit while you eliminate some of the smaller bills you have. While it sucks to have a limited diet, this is a good lesson for what you need to get by when times are tough. You will see the benefit of a varied meal plan versus the same three things every day. With this knowledge, you can better plan your emergency storage foods so you don’t have the same menu every few days.

Anything you can do to get your head above water without trickery is a good step to take. Take a deep breath, set a date, set a realistic budget and stick to it.

How do you handle your food storage needs while being in debt?


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