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These types of foods are something to consider when planning and preparing your survival food stores.  These kinds of foods are good for the short haul and need no refrigeration.  Especially if you have the resources like a dehydrator and or a smoke house and a place to store the food.

Both homemade dehydrated and smoked foods can be an excellent food supplement to your regular survival food stores.  And if you have the resources, they can easily extend them for weeks, months or even years.  The nice thing about homemade is you can easily season them to taste.

Depending on your location and with the proper resources, building a solar dehydrator, a smoke house or a smoke pit can give you something to do while surviving.  This will focus your mental abilities while taking your mind off your survival situation.  You can easily find building plans on the internet and have copies in your survival supplies.

Next week’s article:  Emergency food rations

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