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Depending on your particular situation and location, it is always a very good idea to hide the majority food?  I wrote in previous articles that when things get really bad, that about eighty percent of the population is not prepared.  These unprepared people will panic, will turn into looting mobs and start ransacking businesses and homes for food.  Home Invasions after Hurricane Katrina were up well over 700%.  Over eighty percent of these invaders were looking for FOOD.  Starving people will go to extreme links to feed themselves, including attacking or murdering friends and close neighbors for the food they have.  I’ve seen this in post disasters all over the world.

When disaster strikes, you should have at least a year’s supply of food minimum around your home or survival retreat.  You should never have more than a one to two week supply of food in your pantry due to break ins or home invasions, that’s the first place they look.  The rest of your food is safely stored in a secured basement or cellar or in one of many other locations.  Some of my students have mentioned where they hide their survival food stores.  When stored in same or similar size stackable, lightproof containers, these locations can include: closets, garage, under beds, under and behind sofas, under covered coffee and end tables, behind washers and dryers, and in cache pits buried in the yard just to name a few.

Hiding and protecting your survival food stores is vital for the survival of you and your family.  Label your solid containers with: baby clothes, bills, family photos, flower seeds, legal papers, rocks, yard sale junk, etc., something that an intruder or home invader would not want to steal.  After you pack your food in the container, put clothing or papers over the top to help hide the food.

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    If things get REALLY bad don’t expect that these same looters will simply take the few cans of beans you have left in your pantry and leave. They will assume (rightly or not) that you’re hiding food and WILL do whatever they feel necessary to get it. If that includes harming a few of your family members, then so be it. This is a sad reality but the truth is that survival means more than having a few hiding places.