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customer appreciation newsletter last dayCustomer Appreciation Message from eFoodsDirect Founder, Steve Shenk

We as human beings have four aspects to our total makeup. We are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual beings.   Our progress in life is like climbing a ladder. Until you have climbed onto the first rung you have no chance of getting to the second rung or the third rung on up to the top.

A baby is born and the first and only concern he has is for food—the FIRST RUNG ON THE LADDER OF LIFE. Everything that crosses his path goes into the mouth and there ain’t going to be no further progression until that “job one” gets done.

What’s the difference between this baby, an executive in too much debt, a homeless person, and a recent victim of a natural disaster? Absolutely none. Every one of these individuals has been dropped back down life’s ladder to the most basic bottom rung: the necessity for sustenance or FOOD.

It’s interesting to note that the thousands of families that I’ve worked with over the years have been working for preparedness. They realized that food is every human being’s greatest concern in the face of adversity or crisis.

What these prudent individuals understood is that no matter what their present circumstances—rich or poor, secure or insecure—when hard times hit, every one of us is thrown back to the bottom of the ladder where the first thing we must provide is food.

As founder of eFoodsDirect, my mission has been to feed people quality, healthy food that is delicious enough to eat every day and will be ready for them in any crisis situation.   To that point, eFoodsDirect is evolving.  We are making enhancements to our company and our products – enhancements that will allow us to serve your and the nation’s increasing demand for our products much better.

efoods white cheddar pasta

Thanks to you and thousands of our customers, eFoodsDirect has been able to feed and prepare families in a way that has made our business a success. We appreciate your support and what better way to say it than with what we do best and what we all need most . . . food. Free Food.


eFoodsDirect is giving you an Customer Appreciation Voucher for $30 (use the code: Food30) towards one eFoods food purchase on throughout the month of October.  Also, watch for the silver lining in the next eFoodsDirect customer email.  Hint: If you like silver and eagles you are going to love the next Customer Appreciation offer from eFoods.

Steve Shenk Pic150x150With Warmest Appreciation, Steve Shenk, eFoodsDirect Founder and author

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  1. Michael Harris

    Like a lot of people, my wife and I decided to purchase an emergency food supply. A friend directed me to the EFoods company and we sat down to order some emergency food not expecting much in the way of quality or taste as we had eaten many other type foods before. WOW! Were we surprised. Not only was the food sumptuous, but it is very affordable. Just last night we had some potato cheddar soup, and we mixed our own spices and meat to make a great meal…then we had the wheat bread with butter and honey. The savings on our monthly grocery bill has been fantastic. Thanks EFoods.