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From the beginning of time tribes have turned to nature to find methods to heal their communities. The Native American tribes within the United States, have used Ear Candling or Coning as an alternative health modality for a variety of ailments. Native Americans are known for their wisdom in natural healing. I frequently performed Ear Candling therapy in my Esthetican practice. People were satisfied with the results and were repeat customers. Most people keep their  teeth cleaned twice a month.  How many of you are keeping your ears clean and healthy!

In a survival circumstance earaches and ear infections will increase in both adults and children.  This will be very detrimental to the health of you and your family. Hearing loss can occur without treatment. Earaches are extremely painful for children.   Children are more susceptible to Acute Otitis Media (AOM).  This is the most common type of ear infection in children.

I recommend purchasing Ear Candles/Cones in bulk from your local Health Food Co-op.  You may also purchase these items in bulk online.  This is a safe alternative if your medications are dwindling. Please remember that this a preventive measure and cannot cure an existing medical condition.

Ear candles are not actual candles. These cones  are actually strips of linen or cotton  that have been dipped into beeswax and have been  infused with medicinal herbs.  They are shaped into a spiral and are hollow.

Their are many allopathic physicians that are against the use of natural remedies. If you are uncomfortable with this procedure please speak to your physician first. I am not dispensing medical advice, only preventive healthcare.  Ear candling has personally helped me and my customers in the past.

Ear Candles are a hollow spiral.  The cone is lit and gently placed in the outer ear.  The heat and smoke generated from the lit cone will melt the excess wax with bacteria and draw the compacted wax out of the ear through negative pressure.  I highly recommend these candles for your survival packs.

Another item I would recommend is Garlic Ear oil.  Garlic contains powerful aromatic compounds that have antispectic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory actions.  Garlic is great for fighting infections.  You may obtain Garlic ear oil from your health food store.   Please make sure that you purchase the oil that is contained in a amber bottle.  Oils do become rancid and have a short shelf-life.


–  Individuals that have perforation of the ear drum.

–  Recent ear surgery, acute ear infection  with a high temperature.

– Allergies to beeswax

Ear candling therapy should never be performed on oneself under any circumstances. This procedure should always be performed by a trained practitioner.  As preppers take the responsibility to learn how to perform this procedure, there is a considerable risk of burns when  performed by oneself.  The practice will be safer under a trained  individual.

The holiday season will arrive shortly. Please visit the eFoodsDirect website and make your holiday purchases.  They have a wonderful selection of supplies with discounted prices for this Holiday Season!

As a side note, I would like to apologize to all of my blog readers.  I was unable to publish the article that  I had  originally intended for 11/7/11 .  The topic was inappropriate for the readership and the blog.  Please accept my apologies.

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  1. steve

    Thanks for your articles. Regarding the article not published on 11/7/11, would it be possible to email it directly to those who would like to read it anyway.

    • Tabatha

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for stopping by and reading my Blog! I apologize for jumping the gun on that article. I know that in this current climate it is a very interesting subject. I have decided to refrain from offering political and religious commentary on this blog. Efoodsdirect/Global is a great company with excellent products that has an international customer base. I have no intentions of offending anyone on the basis of politics or their religion.

      However, I can lead you on a start for your own research. For that particular country martial law arrived in full force after the assassination of Anwar Sadat. I would recommend reading/researching information from Egyptian-Americans or other legitimate sources. Their are alot of individuals that are trying to make a “name” for themselves writing nonsense. It does not take alot of talent to write a scaremongering article. You can find these types of people all over the internet or youtube. Just stick with the facts.

      Hoped that helped!

      Best Regards,


  2. millenniumfly

    I’ve tried ear candling on my own (a long time ago) but with little success. Maybe I just don’t know what I’m doing, which is normal. Anyway, how does ear candling compare to the use of something like hydrogen peroxide for keeping your ears clean?

    • Tabatha

      Hello Millenniumfly,

      Thanks for the question. It can be difficult performing this treatment solo. The cone has to be held steady at a 90 degree angle. People will often hold the cone at a 45 degree angle which will not work. If an individual does not have excess wax build up they will not see any results. This is actually a good sign. In the past, I have had a family physican recommend a few drops of H2O2 for my wax build-up. This did not work for me. Please be cautious with the use of this formula. Hydrogen Peroxide sold at Wal-mart or the pharmacy is generally a 3% solution. The Health Food stores around the country will have bottles that have a higher percentage of H2O2 which will be too toxic for your body.

      Thank you for your interest and let me know if you have any more questions.

      Best Regards,