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fuel less generator efoods offer

Congratulations to the winners of the eFoodsDirect Customer Appreciation Drawing.  Some of the winners include;

  • Kevin, from California, who won a Fuel-less Generator (retail value: $2700);
  • Crystal, from Colorado, and Leonard, from Kansas, who each won a Solar Oven ($400)
  • Jayson and Kevin, both from California, and Nathan, from Washington, who each won a 72-hour Food-Fire-Filter Kit ($129);
  • Gary, from California, and Walter, from Texas, who each won a 60-count (1 bucket) of InstaFire ($105)
  • Gary W., from North Carolina, and Richard, from Washington, and Kurt, from Alabama, who each won a Solar Crank Radio ($70)
  • Debbie, from Texas, and Jeff, from Idaho, and Laura, from West Virginia, who won a complete restructuring of their lives and the realization of their magnificent future in the form of Steve’s new book, It’s Not Your Fault and the companion journal, My Book of Life (retail value: $44.95. Actual value: PRICELESS).
  • Many other members of the eFoods community who each won exciting prizes!

Winners were notified October 3, 2013 via phone or email.

*See our Facebook page for more details and photos of the Customer Appreciation Drawing Prizes.

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