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How can a busy mom, okay, procrastinating mom, get her family ready for back to school? By taking advantage of quick and easy food storage meals!

Getting Ready for Back to School

Usually, I am very prepared. Most years I start the back to school shopping as soon as the displays hit the store shelves. I’ll reach into my bin of extra school supplies, bought the year before when they were ridiculously cheap, compare my stock to the new school supply lists that I printed back in June, and then go shopping.

I’ll search out the few unexpected things needed, and to replenish any gaps in my stockpile that would be useful not only for the classroom, but also for emergency planning. (Those plastic baggies, notebooks and other school supplies can come in handy when life as we know it fails.)

Unfortunately for me, this season got away from me, and I am very behind in my school year organization. So, if you can’t be prepared, you have to be resourceful.

Food Storage to the Rescue

This week I am doing some major scrambling to get everyone ready for school. This means fighting the other last minute shoppers, and trying to balance weeks worth of preparation into a day or two. Beside the classroom materials, there are new clothes, gym uniforms, musical instruments, paperwork to sign, schedules to figure out, after school activities to fit in, summer gear to store, etc. No more “the livin’ is easy.”

So, as I stood in my dry basement, adding to do items to my list, my eyes lit on one section of my eFoodsDirect food storage. Bingo! This is going to work for me.

In addition to having some really easy meals to enjoy in the following weeks, giving me more time for my back to school list, I received some inspiration.

Practical Time Saving Ideas

I can whip up a large batch of pancakes using the pancake mix and freeze them for quick heat and run breakfast on the go. The same can be done with the corn bread muffin mix.  Just adding water, mixing and cooking is simple enough for my 13-year-old to do. I’m putting him to work. New inspiration: he can add water and cook up the Eggs Done Right.

The freeze dried apples and bananas can be thrown into lunch bags for easy nutritious snacks. So can the tropical fruit medley. No need to shop for extra lunchbox ingredients or worry about fresh fruit that goes bad before it can be eaten.

Any of the yummy entrees or soups can be quickly heated and put into a thermos for a hot lunch. I know my kids won’t have to eat chemical-laden school cafeteria nuggets. My crew really likes the Chicken Veggie Alfredo, and it travels well.

The freeze dried raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and granola can be used as yogurt mix-ins (very popular right now).

Yes, I got this!


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