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Two weeks ago an EF-5 tornado hammered Moore, Oklahoma. 33,000 residents were left affected and 24 lost their lives. With only minutes to flee their homes or take cover, these residents were left with very little time to grab food, water, and other daily necessities. After being heartbroken by the devastation, eFoodDirect decided to step up to the plate and lead a food drive in partnership with the Oklahoma Food Bank.

“Having been in the emergency preparedness industry for over 30 years, we are keenly aware of the life-changing effect these massive natural disasters have on individuals and families and we had to find a way for everyone to help,” said Steve Shenk, co-founder of eFoodsDirect. “The response has been overwhelming.”

Four days after launching our relief effort, our amazing customers have donated 25,000 food servings. After our early success reaching out to our devoted subscribers, we have since decided to open this donation opportunity to anyone willing and ready to make a difference.

Those wanting to donate can send a 7-Day Emergency Food Supply to the victims in Moore for only $25 instead of the regular $59.95–the price difference and shipping cost is subsidized by eFoodsDirect. The available package provides up to 37 satisfying servings. This food is crucial to the victims in their time of need because our product gives them the essential nutrients needed to live healthy even in a time of crisis.

This is only the beginning of the recovery efforts in Oklahoma, but sending a care package is a great way to start. To contribute the relief fund, go to or call 1-800-876-0871 and follow the steps for ordering the Oklahoma Disaster Relief 1-Week Food Supply.

We have been assured by The Oklahoma Food Bank that 100% of the food donated will go to those who were devastated the most by the recent tornado.


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