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Before it gets too warm out – I’d like to do a post about emergency car kit items you’ll need if you live in or are traveling through areas with snow and ice. Recently, my family took a trip from Utah to northern California – a route that took us straight through northern-ish Nevada. I couldn’t believe the climate changes we experienced in one day’s drive. Balmy 70 degrees coastal weather to freezing snow packed hills just hours later. Even though we live in Utah and already have items we need for a winter car emergency, I couldn’t help but think about people who normally do not experience that type of weather. Or, like us, are just traveling through for a day. Anywho – here goes.

  • Sack of sand or kitty litter for tire traction in the snow
  • Dry clothing, mittens, and winter boots
  • Shovel (good to have in general – but especially in snowy areas)
  • Blanket or sleeping bag (already mentioned in a previous post, but a necessity for cold weather car kits)
  • Another use for rope – if you’re leaving your vehicle during a storm, you can tie yourself to your car so you can find your way back.
  • Your drinking water on board may have a tendency to freeze in these climates. Another alternative is to include a metal 3lb can, matches and candle stubs to melt snow for drinking water

There you have it. Does anyone else out there have cold weather items not mentioned? Let’s all cross our fingers that we’ve seen the last of the snow until next winter. Hooray Spring!

2 Responses to “Emergency Car Kit: More Cold Weather Items”

  1. millenniumfly

    I never thought about tying myself to the car so I could find my way back. Sadly, I imagine that if I’m ever in that situation I’ll probably forget to do it!

  2. mr richard jones

    hiya well i dont usually bother to reply to these types of testimonials but i will now to say that i,m in england and we don,t as far as iknow have any sort of prepararedness for any type of global catastrophy but i think im gonna buy some supplys of food to store ,for when things get critical but anyway imgonna keep a copy of your emergency travel kit list and start to prepare a vehicle as i have been told by afriend that there maybe a solar storm coming this year that will knock out all electrical systems resulting in mass panic an turmoil so thanks 4 sharing your info .oh i was told that only diesel vehicles made pre 1988 will work as they dont have the modern micro chips that are so essential to todays jeep an 4×4,s i guess thats why the military keep large numbers of them mothballed so that they and the government can maintain control so thanks 4 your tips i,m told that diesel landrovers and mercedes g wagons pre 1988 will work at that time or if there is some sort of world war or catastrophe