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I’d recommend having a small utility tool or tool kit as part of your Emergency Car Kit. I did a previous post about including one in your Home Emergency Kit. If you can afford it, get a second one for your car. These are handy, because they are small and all inclusive. You won’t be scampering around looking for separate tools.

Another option available is a small tool kit. These are beneficial because they provide tools that might not be available in a multipurpose tool – such as a study hammer.  These kits are generally available preassembled at home improvement stores, super stores, or online. If you have the items at home, you can just assemble a small kit yourself. Be sure whatever kit you buy or assemble includes socket wrenches and screwdrivers….always handy when doing basic car repairs.

A small collapsible (0r foldable) shovel would also be beneficial. I mentioned a shovel in the “Cold Weather Items” post – which I feel is essential when driving in snowy conditions. But a shovel can be useful in numerous situations besides cold weather. Collapsible ones are lightweight and small – ideal for storing in your car.

I have also come across collapsible shovels that include other tools….think of them as ”multi purpose” shovels or a “Swiss Army” shovel. They come with a wide range of attachable tools – so you should be able to find one that’s agreeable with your budget. Many of them claim to be an excellent weapon during a Zombie Apocalypse, so…that’s a bonus too, right?

My husband recently purchased a multi purpose shovel that we love. It was a little pricey, but worth it, in my opinion.  If anyone has a particular utility tool they are attached too – please share, we’d love to hear it…..

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