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A few readers have asked if there was a post that listed all of the items we’ve discussed for car emergency kits. Whelp – here it is:

  • Water – 3 day supply is ideal
  • Food – 3 day supply is ideal.
  • Blanket(s)
  • Jumper Cables
  • Spare Tire (if its not included with your car)
  • Jack
  • Wrench
  • Road Flare
  • Reflective Vest
  • Flashlight/headlamp
  • Insurance Card
  • Auto Club Card/Roadside Assistance Card (ex. AAA)
  • Disposable Camera
  • First Aid Kit
  • Cold Weather items/gear/clothing
  • Items for Pets if they frequently travel with you
  • Items for children/babies if they frequently travel with you
  • Medications
  • Review what to do if your car stops on the road, or you are in an accident.

Am I forgetting anything? Keep in mind all of the topics listed above have a whole post dedicated to that subject with details and answers to questions you may have. Just look over our links in the Disaster/Emergency Kit archives. Example: the “Cold Weather Items” Post has a list just for that category.

If there’s something you would add to the list above, I’d love to hear it! Happy kit building y’all!

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