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Another type of food to consider for your survival food stores is Emergency Food Rations.  These types of foods include Emergency Food Rations, Energy Bars and Survival Food Tabs and can be an excellent food supplement to your regular survival food stores.

Emergency Food Rations

With an average shelf life of five years, there are at least half a dozen U.S. companies that make Emergency Food Rations.  They are made with a non-thirst formula to provide disaster survivors with the maximum combination of moist carbohydrates, fats, proteins and salt along with a pleasant flavoring of apple cinnamon, lemon or vanilla.  They come in 1200, 2400 or 3600 calorie bars and they are ready to eat, so no cooking or heating required.  Enriched with both vitamins and minerals that exceeding the RDA requirements, they meets the US Coast Guard standards and can withstand temperature ranges of -40 F to 300F for storage.

Energy Bars

Energy bars contain high energy foods and are a very good food supplemental during adverse survival conditions when there is no time for cooking.  Some of the best ones on the market contain natural Pemmican, used by Native Americans for hundreds of years.  Pemmican is mainly made from lean high protein meats, fat and flavored with wild fruits. I also recommend Amaranth, and eFoodsDirect sells Amaranth seeds in three different products in their Nutrition Case.

Survival Food Tabs

Chocolate or vanilla flavored Survival Tablets are a great bang for your buck.  One 180 tablet bottle is a fifteen day life-saving supply of food, weighs less than two pounds and has at least a ten year shelf life.  Developed for the U.S. Army, they have fifteen essential daily minerals and vitamins and provide 100% of the RDA in high calorie tablets.  Their max storage temp is 90F.

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    I would like to place a gluten free order. Please let me know what is available.
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