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Bungee Cords

Rope – a pretty basic ingredient in your Emergency Kit. This has a huge variety of uses, and you’ll be glad you included it. There is also a huge variety of ropes out there, so you’ll want to take a few notes into consideration when selecting one.

Material: You want a rope that is mildew resistant (or the most part), and made of a strong but somewhat smooth material. I’d recommend nylon or polypropolylene , or a hybrid of the two. This type of rope is soft, won’t shrink when wet, and its hard to fray.  You can purchase this type of rope usually in any super store camping/outdoor department, or hardware store.

How much: I’d buy strands that are at least 50ft in length. Since rope is lightweight and small, you can probably include or tie on to your pack, more than one rope.

Width: Obviously the thicker the rope, the heavier and bulkier it gets. Bare minimum width for your rope should be 3/8”. If you have room and want to include some thicker rope, by all means.

Bungee Cords: Bungee cords are awesome. They are elastic cords with hooks on the each end. They are small and lightweight, so you should be able to pack a few or more of these puppies in your kit. Include some of varying sizes. Some come in plastic pack variety can or bag. Be sure to open it, and pack the cords around your kit, rather than just shoving the whole canister in – it will save you some room. Bungee cords can also be found at super stores and hardware stores.

Knot tying: Since you will most likely be using this rope during your emergency. It may serve you well to brush up on your knot tying abilities. All knots are not created equal (ha ha). Especially if you’re going to have to use this rope to pull something, or secure something, you’ll want a good strong hold, and there are various ways to achieve that. In my humble opinion, the good ol’ Boy Scouts of America is a great place to start. I learned my basic knots from volunteering with the Cub Scouts. All of their info is available on the world wide web (complete with diagrams!), or in their achievement books/leader books.

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  1. millenniumfly

    Rope is certainly something to keep around, however, I would also suggest a few ratcheting tie straps as well. They’re easy and fast to use and relativley inexpensive too.


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