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We’re taking a slight detour from Car Emergency Kits (ha ha) this week for a little reminder. I know  it’s summer, and everyone is experiencing a lot of high heat. But here in Utah we are also experiencing a lot (a LOT) of wild fires. Over the past few weeks there have been multiple evacuation orders and tragically, some homes have been lost due to out of control fires around the state. Personally, I’ve never had to deal with an imminent fire near my home. But today, as I was running errands, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a huge cloud of smoke not too far in the distance. I was 100% positive that plume of smoke was not there when I left my home 20 minutes earlier. It dawned on me again, just how dangerous and how fast fire emergencies can happen.

This is a link to a local news station that has periodic updates on the fire that started this afternoon. In the article there’s mention of home evacuations, residents being instructed to take “to go packs” and any “valuable documents” with them as they evacuate. Most evacuees are ending up in local schools and churches to wait things out until they can return to their homes. In this particular area, there is food and water being supplied to those temporarily without a home. But that’s the exception more than the rule. This is exactly the type of scenario we’ve been preparing our emergency packs for. It’s enough to make me double check all the packs we have in storage, just in case.

Keep on assembling your packs! If you haven’t gotten started yet, now is the time. A little something is better than nothing.

Everyone have a fun, and safe 4th of July!

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