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If I accidentally drove my car off a bridge, and suddenly found myself in the water, inside my car, with no way to get out of my seatbelt and out of the car (which was starting to fill with water), I’d be glad that I carry an emergency knife!

Now, in fairness, that’s never happened to me and I hope it never does. But it could.

I carry an emergency knife with me in my car all the time. My knife was given to me by a good friend. He said he wanted me to be safe, and that I should keep it in my car “just in case.” Initially, I thought that he was being overprotective and a bit silly, but it’s actually been a good thing on several occasions. Thank goodness I’ve never had a real emergency where I’ve needed to defend myself, but there have been times it’s been quite useful.

I’ve already shared the reasons I have a knife available, but let me share the features I like about my knife. It isn’t a super fancy knife with a lot of bells and whistles. It only has the basics, but they are good features.

  • A large blade. This blade is useful for all the regular cutting I need to do. Though I’m not great at it yet, it is designed to be able to be opened one handed. The blade has two parts to the edge. The part closest to the point is smooth, and the couple of inches closest to the handle is serrated. I’ve used the smooth blade to cut open the plastic bubble packaging that can be so hard to open on products. I’ve used the serrated part to cut rope—it’s perfect when a sawing motion is what is needed.
  • A smaller blade (about a quarter of an inch long). It is fixed in place, and built into the handle of the knife—but in a safe place so I can’t accidentally get hurt on it. This blade is designed to be used as a seatbelt cutter, for in the event that my seatbelt jams and cutting it is the only way to get out of the seatbelt. I haven’t had to use that part yet, but I’ve heard from others who have same knife that it isn’t a quick answer for a stuck seatbelt, but it will work in a pinch. (Wish I had a seatbelt that I could cut to see for myself how well it works.)
  • A point to break a car window in the event that the car is under water and I can’t get the windows to roll down. (Does anyone still have hand crank windows?) I haven’t had to use it (thank goodness!) but it looks like it would effectively do the job.
  • An anti-slip grip pad. It’s pretty rough, but that’s what helps you keep a good hold on your knife.
  • A clip to hold the knife in place. This clip is well made. It doesn’t have any “play” in it at all, meaning it doesn’t wobble around but just holds tight. The knife never slips out of place. I usually clip the knife to the visor in my car. I know other people clip it to their pocket, or inside their purse, and I’ve done that sometimes, too.

My knife came in a package with a small flashlight. I keep my flashlight in the center console of my car, where it’s ready whenever I need it. Of course, I periodically use it so I know it still works, and I keep extra batteries right under it. The flashlight is handy for anytime I need a little light, whether it’s for car trouble, checking a map in the dark, or doing some night geocaching. It’s very useful and makes perfect sense for it to come with the knife. It’s also a great little light to keep with your emergency pack at home, or in your car kit.

If you’re getting a knife to keep in your car, purse, or pocket, you might want to look for one with these same features. I have three knives now—one for my car, another for my emergency pack, and the third is usually in my purse. Having a knife and knowing how to use it can be very helpful in an emergency.

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