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Prepping tools surely include the standard hand tools found at any local hardware store, but industrious preppers are always on the lookout for dual-purpose, durable, inexpensive and lightweight homesteading and self-defense tools that can enhance the family’s overall chance of survival.

This portion of the eFoodsDirect Fall Survival Guide series will highlight both the best prepper tools on the market as well as new and vintage instruments and implements that would be useful to your mutual assistance group and make useful barter items as well. Remember the all-important prepping mantra, “two is one and one in none” when deciding how to prioritize and make the most of your preparedness budget.

Top 10 Prepper Tools and Gadgets

1. Portable Foldable Barbeque Grill – This Portable Folding Barbecue Grill is great for any outdoor adventure or emergency situation. Simply store it with your Emergency Kit. The Portable Folding Barbecue Grill is a lightweight, self-contained barbecue that you can carry with you everywhere you want to go. The folding barbecue frame with detachable legs and grill top makes for a quick and easy assembly. Combine it with our InstaFire and you have an instant cooking station. The grill is small enough to carry, yet large enough to be used to prepare long-term storage food packets, heat up a meal of wild game, or boil a medium-sized pot of water.
2. Pack Saddle – If the power grid goes down, it could be months or even years before the electrical system is restored and the survivors can begin the process of rebuilding the country. Horses will once again become a primary mode of transportation. Pack saddles will allow you to remain mobile and pack necessary supplies along with you. Pack saddles that fit over existing riding saddles are far less expensive than gear designed solely for packingregular pack saddle and allow you to quickly convert from riding to carrying goods when necessary.
3. Fiber Fix – This durable roll of “tape” may just be strong enough and have as many uses as the almighty duct tape. FiberFix “combines industrial-strength fibers and specialized resin into a repair wrap that hardens like steel.” The adhesive is supposed to provide a permanent fix for the problem at hand. When you can’t call a plumber or other type of repair technician, this product might just save the day — or your life. If the scope of your rifle, which you rely on to put food on the table after the SHTF, breaks, FiberFix should be able to hold the vision-enhancing device firmly in place. The adhesive becomes activated when water is poured onto the tape. It is quick to dry and only takes about 15 minutes until the broken item should once again be ready for use.
4. Multi-Function Hair Clip – This little gadget for the ladies hides a mini toolbox in your hair. The multi-function hair clip can be used as a screwdriver, wrench, trolley coin, ruler, and sharp cutting edge. The hair clip is made of stainless steel.
5. Lion Energy 100 Watt 12 Volt Folding Solar Panel – The 100W Folding 12V solar panel recharges electronic devices by harnessing the power of the sun and comes with a 6-foot extension cord. A 20-foot extension cord is available for purchase as an add-on item.

solar generators

Lion Energy 40 Watt Non-Foldable Panel – solar generators do not require stockpiling and maintaining massive amounts of fuel and are great ‘sound discipline’ power sources.

6. Paracord Shoelace Fire Starters – The fire starter shoelaces are made of 550-pound strength paracord and conceal ferro rods inside the end caps of the laces. These shoelaces can be used to get a flame going or for one of the hundreds of other uses for a handy little piece of rope. Each set includes two striker blades, which can be struck against ferro rods (magnesium) to make fire. The built-in ferro rods are protected inside a waterproof cap.
7. Scythe – The scythe was an essential agricultural tool before the invention of farming machinery. The tool cuts the crops down for harvest and is also extremely useful in mowing down weeds to deter snakes and to reclaim land for livestock grazing and the growing of crops.
8. The Kniper – The multi-function throwing tool is made of 420 high-carbon stainless steel. The Kniper has 22 built-in functions that include a nail remover, blade, bottle opener, closed wrench, can opener, wire stripper, ruler, pry bar, manual saw, tobacco pipe, and Phillips and flathead screwdrivers. It is made out of a single piece of steel and is 13 inches long, 2 1/2 inches wide, and 5 1/2 millimeters thick. To throw, summon your inner Major League Baseball pitcher mojo, wind up and rapidly release at the target.
9. Manual Drill – This old-fashioned tool is as durable as it is useful. I was able to pick up three used ones on a local Facebook online auction page and a barn sale recently. I paid less than $15 for all three and they work just as well now as the day there were made. Modern bits for electric drills fit the hand tools just fine. Fixing and building sheds, fences, beds, and a host of other items will likely be on the homesteading chore list during a long-term disaster. If the power grid is down due to either a man-made or natural disaster, your power drill will likely be a useless hump of junk.
10. Spoons – Pick up inexpensive and sturdy spoons anytime you see them offered at a yard sale or on sale at the local big box store. It is not difficult to make arrowheads out of tablespoons, and you do not need flint, stone or knapping experience to complete the task.

How to Make An Arrow from a Spoon

1. Lay the teaspoon flat on a solid workspace and pound flat with a hammer.
2. Use a permanent marker to trace the arrowhead shape onto the flattened spoon.
3. Cut out the arrow shape using tin snips, a cutting disk or hacksaw.
4. Use the same tools to cut ¾ of the handle off of the spoon. Make sure to leave enough of the handle to use when mounting the arrowhead.
5. Sharpen the edges of the arrow, utilizing the same method as would be employed when sharpening a knife.

What are your favorite prepping tools and survival gadgets?

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