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thanksgiving table

This year, give yourself a break while still getting a delicious Thanksgiving meal on the table. No matter how busy you are, you can enjoy a wonderful home cooked feast. The secret is family food storage.

Why Store Food

Having a family food storage plan is essential in case of an emergency or unforeseen event that makes normal food shopping impossible. Stocking emergency food just makes sense. Did you know, however, that your long term food supply can also be used to make Thanksgiving easy?

By the way, if you are new to Emergency Food Storage, start with this helpful article.

A Thanksgiving Meal Plan

Make your food stockpile work for you this Thanksgiving. Take advantage of quick-fix meals and baking mixes to ease the burden of preparing an entire Thanksgiving meal. In addition, having bulk supplies on hand will mean you can eliminate the lengthy grocery shopping marathon, where you fight for that last can of green beans, or the multiple last minute trips to pick up additional ingredients.

Biscuits and Cornbread Mix

In my family, there always has to be plenty of biscuits on the table, and the relatives always fight over them. Just add water to this buttermilk biscuit mix for delicious old fashioned buttermilk biscuits that are soft and flaky. To cut your prep time down even more, skip the rolling and cutting and just make drop biscuits instead. Learn more about drop biscuits here, including an Amish recipe that uses cheddar cheese! Both ideas will freeze well, so you can make your biscuits in advance.

Cornbread is another favorite for the Thanksgiving meal. Use this quick non-GMO mix to get plenty of this popular food on the table.

More Thanksgiving Favorites

Mashed Potatoes: Eliminate the hours of peeling, boiling and mashing by using this shortcut. These creamy mashed potatoes will be a big hit, and all you have to do is boil water and stir.

Corn Chowder: Boil some water, mix in the soup and cook for five minutes. You can feed a crowd with this favorite that takes advantage of a family food storage staple.

Sugar Cookies: Eliminate a few steps with the Pancake Mix Cookie recipe, and spend more time with friends and family rolling, cutting out the shapes and doing the decorating. You know, the fun stuff.

Family Food Storage Recipes

Along with the favorite meals mentioned above, you can also take advantage of these additional family food storage recipes.

Raspberry Chocolate Chip Muffins

Chocolate Pudding Delight

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