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There are many ways to find more money to put toward food storage. You can buy eFoods Direct food, which is high quality and a good value on a per serving basis. You can also buy only what your family will actually use and rotate your food so none of it is wasted by expiring before you use it. One of the best ways to stretch your food storage dollars is to find loss leaders, which it is likely many stores near you have.

What are loss leaders?

Loss leaders are items that the store sells below their cost just to get you into the store, knowing you will buy other items while you are there. They make their profit from those added-on items. But it is worth it to you to be aware of and purchase those loss leaders in bulk quantity — and in probably larger quantities than you think.

What kinds of things can be loss leaders? Just about anything. In my area, a grocery store may sell raspberries, blackberries, bananas, oranges, loaves of bread, canned fruits, and so on.

Once you buy the loss leaders, what do you do with so much of one item?

  • Canned/Pre-packaged for long-term storage: Add them to your food storage shelves with no other work.
  • Keep them cool: Some things, like potatoes, onions and garlic, are easy to save for a long time without any more work than keeping them cool. Eventually you may want to preserve them another way, like dehydrating, but for now, they are not a high priority.
  • Freeze: If you got a great price on loaves of bread or some other type of perishable items that need to be frozen for future use, freeze them — even if you have to rearrange things in the freezer to make room. Maybe it is time to use of some items that have been in your freezer for a while, or perhaps (if you’re really going full-tilt into freezing) it’s time to get another freezer.
  • Dehydrate: Because I buy loss leaders in bulk, I often dehydrate them. I have a counter-top dehydrator, but often things can be dehydrated in the oven on a low temperature. Strawberries and other berries, bananas, apples and other fruits all dehydrate well. They end up very similar to fruits that are freeze-dried, so buying freeze-dried is also a great option if you want the product without the labor. Also good to dehydrate are herbs and spices, like parsley, cilantro and ginger.

Depending on how great the sale is, I purchase many of these loss leaders, which saves me money on my food storage. It is worth it to be aware of sales, especially watching for the loss leaders from local grocery stores.

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