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When I was a little girl, we had waffles almost every Saturday morning. They were hot, and crispy, and just the smell signaled to me that Mom had breakfast almost ready. They are a comfort food for me, and when there’s an emergency it’s important to have comfort food around. When I noticed eFoods Direct has pancake mix for sale, I decided I should try it out.

The eFoods Direct online store has a description for their pancake mix of “The rich smell of pancakes or waffles first thing in the morning has no equal.” Okay, sure, pancakes are delicious, but, if the truth be told, I’m not really much of a pancake eater. I know people who absolutely love pancakes. Maybe you love pancakes. But that’s not me. I’d much rather have a crispy waffle, hot off the waffle iron. Those squares in the waffle are made just to add surface area for crispiness, and to melt the butter and hold whatever toppings you choose. Put on butter and syrup, or butter and powdered sugar, or whipped cream and strawberries, and enjoy a waffle for breakfast—or even as part of “breakfast for dinner” with eggs on the side.

Yes, when I was growing up, Saturday mornings were almost always waffles, so that may be where my waffle love started. We did have pancakes other days, but waffles were my favorites. My waffle iron now makes Belgian waffles, so the squares are a lot bigger than the squares of my youth—which is even better!

This pancake mix has directions on it for both pancakes and waffles. I wondered how hard they would be to make, so before I bought them I checked the directions online. I was glad to see that the only thing I would need to add to the mix was water. In an emergency (and pretty much any other time, too), “just add water” beats adding water, eggs, milk, and whatever else my old mix called for. Of course, my recipe to make them from all the ingredients (as opposed to a mix) makes delicious, fluffy, pancakes, so I won’t necessarily never make them again, but for a busy day when having them made faster will help, these will be terrific. Of course, waffles also need a bit of oil added so that they won’t stick to the waffle iron.

Each Mylar package of pancake mix has enough mix to make about 30 pancakes. I mixed up only one batch of the mix for waffles (2 cups of the mix), and had enough for 4 round waffles. They are easy to make – just add water, mix, and cook. Would I buy the pancake mix again? Yes!

One more interesting thing: also in the description, the listing says “Not only does this versatile Pancake Mix provide you with multiple breakfast options, it can be used as a flour substitute in some recipes.” I’m not exactly sure what is meant by that, so I’ll have to experiment to figure out which recipes it can be a flour substitute in. That should be an interesting experiment!

I do know the pancake mix can be used to make pizza dough! Take a look at this fun recipe—then try it! I know I plan to!

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