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Food is a necessity, plain and simple. Food is fuel for your body. I know you are aware of that fact, but do you ever ponder how true it is. Having enough food is really everyone’s achilles heel. If you lack food, you will not be able to do much of anything, including stay alive.

When you think about the food abuse here in the US, it’s pretty amazing. Many people eat and eat and eat, then eat some more. Think about the last time you went out to eat. What did you do with the leftovers of the meal with portions larger than most people should consume? Did you let the restaurant throw them away? Did you take them home thinking you’ll eat them then throw it away a few days later? I’m not going to go all “there are starving people all over the world…” on you. I will take a different route. Take a minute to imagine this scenario.

You are at the grocery store shopping for your family. You’re not a coupon clipper so you have a list of items you are searching for one at a time, isle after isle. When you look at the cart, it’s almost full and your list is almost complete. When you get to the register you see a couple in their 70s paying for their few items. You see them counting out change like many older folks do, so you just shrug it off and play on your phone until the cashier rings up your order.

You make a comment as you are swiping your card about how the people ahead of you in the grocery store always seem to be writing checks or using a lot of coupons or counting change. The cashier smiles as she waits for your card to process. The thing is, your card doesn’t process. The food card you have been using isn’t. Yup, the EBT system is down. You don’t have $327.59 in cash to pay, what would you do?

I know I lost some of you right there because you think you will never have this problem. Maybe you have an opinion about people who need assistance to eat. What I am asking of you is to think of the power associated with this card. The ability to simply turn it off and that family would be without food. Think it can’t possibly happen? WRONG… the Great Depression is a great example of people who thought  they were secure and weren’t. People lost everything to the banks. Even the people who were once people who had opinions about the less fortunate needed to suck it up and hit the food line or they would starve.

Need something a little more current? Okay, how about 2008? Remember the start of that pesky recession where the current administration helped us all out by making it easier for everyone who wants (not necessarily needs) to get food help or other subsidies? Well, all those people are now reliant on a system that could be taken away at any time. They are not in power of this basic necessity. In the back of their head they are always worried the funds might not be there when they swipe the card.

While the situation I talked about might not apply to you directly, you may have caught a glimpse of the master/slave position some people are put in because they simply need to eat.

When you are beholding to someone, you really have no platform to complain. They provided, you accepted. If there is no action on your part to work off the debt, there is no real reason you can feel entitled. Helping you eat is basically a favor. When the money isn’t available or allocated elsewhere, the money can’t be given to you.

Again, you may not think you can ever be in this situation. What about someone stealing your identity and totally ruining your credit, steaming everything from your bank account and essentially taking every dollar you have. Where would your food come from? Do you have a weeks worth of food? A month’s worth of food stored?

How long could you really go without your digital money and anything in your bank account?

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