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I remember how excited I was when I received my first shipment from efoodsdirect. The large boxes arrived with all of the fanfare that could be provided by myself and my three young children. The neighbor asked if it was “Christmas in July.” Knowing that my family was a little closer to food security, having delicious and nutritious meals on hand, really did feel like getting holiday gifts.  I almost kissed the mail carrier, but then I would have to explain that to the kids and to the neighbor.

I have to admit, the excitement did eventually wear off a bit, right around the time the mail carrier left and I had to figure out where in our by-no-means-large home we would store all of this good food. My husband’s solution for storage of things-without-a-place has always been the garage, or as I like to call it, “Grand Central Station,” since everything that goes in it seems to be on its way somewhere else, just waiting to catch the next train, so to speak.

The garage isn’t usually a good place to store food, since it isn’t climate controlled, but fortunately, the efoodsdirect items were so well packaged and prepared that I knew I could store them there for a while if I absolutely had to do it.

A few weeks later, I had some time to really clear out and rearrange our office-slash-guest room-slash-den. Multi-purpose rooms really need to be as clutter-free as possible, with enough space and function to make it all work. I was lamenting the fact that we didn’t have a tall table for a perfect little space near the back door, when the proverbial lightbulb popped on atop my head, scaring the cats. (Well, okay, it was probably the loud squeal I uttered that was the real reason the cats boogied out of the room.)

I placed the first bin (a month’s worth of food) in front of the wall. The width was perfect. Then I stacked the remaining two bins on top. Yup, right height and very sturdy.

I called to my youngest to pull the dark berry colored tablecloth from the dining room. I draped the table cloth over the bins, now stacked three-high. A favorite lamp went on top and voila! Not only did I solve the problem of storing our food, but I got a free table in the bargain. Good thing, too, since when I asked my child for the tablecloth from the dining room table, I should have told him to remove the lunch dishes first.

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