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Not everyone has the luxury of living in a rural part of the country. Living in the city is a huge downfall when it comes to a disaster situation. A large concentration of people in a small area means you’re going to have very limited resources to satisfy the needs of all those people. The larger the city, the harder it will be to survive when the easily attainable resources are not readily accessible like they were yesterday.

Organizations like FEMA recommend you have a 3-day supply of food and water. This is supposed to get you by until the cavalry arrives. Anyone who has watched TV after a large disaster happens, can tell it takes a bit longer to get that help to the people who need it.

A lot of people have the idea they will be able to get to their cabin in the woods so they can hunker down and stick it out. In reality, this is the equivalent of trying to put on your seat belt on when you are about to get in an accident.

In reality, those of us who live or work in a medium to large city know the traffic can be hectic certain times of the day. Imagine that traffic congestion easily doubled or tripled in volume. Everyone will want out of the area at the same time. Most people will be hitting the highway trying to get out of town as quick as they can. Will this be your plan too? Have you thought about getting stuck on the highway for a day, two days or longer? Ideally you will want to have supplies in case something like that will happen. Something like the 3-day car kit will help you if there is a problem getting stuck somewhere.

Something you might want to consider is taking the back roads. I know this seems like a duh kind of tip, but in the moment, you might think the interstate will be the fastest route. As a kid I really disliked when my parents took the back roads from place to place. It always seemed to take FOREVER! Now that I’m older I see it can do a few of things for you.

First, it can get you to your destination in a quicker manner a lot of the times because there is less traffic. It’s also a stress reliever not to have to have to constantly deal with the stop and go traffic.

Second, going out and spending some time on the back roads trying to get lost will help you know the lay of the land a bit better and help you learn the lost art of navigating without GPS. Yes, people used to get from place to place before Google Maps was around.

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Thirdly, if the need ever arises, you can more easily get out of the congestion of the city to an area where you stand a better chance of weathering the storm.

Getting an idea of some evacuation routes is not going to be the hardest thing in the world to do. This can be one of the most relaxing parts of getting prepared actually. This is also something you can take the wife along with. Spend a Sunday afternoon out there just driving around being one of those slow-poke drivers you would normally pass. I bet she might like the spontaneity of an afternoon drive.


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