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Make your powdered milk taste better, store longer and work better the following tips for using powdered milk.


Powdered milk, dry milk, or instant milk is milk whose fat and water have both been removed. In dried form, milk can last for a long time, making it ideal for long term food storage and as an emergency food supply. Instant milk is a ready source of protein, calcium and vitamin D, and is an especially ideal food source for pregnant or nursing mothers, or for anyone who wants to prevent osteoporosis. Because it is fat free, it can be added to recipes to boost nutritional content as well as being reconstituted as a beverage.


Convenient to use, powdered milk is also a cheap source of milk, making it a favorite for anyone who is budget conscious or practices the art of frugal living. Recent dairy price hikes have not seemed to have affected the price of dry milk much at all. A glass of dry milk will cost half or less of the cost of fresh.


Powered milk has had one main drawback over the years. When compared to fresh, whole milk, the taste of powered milk can leave something to be desired. New dehydrating techniques in recent years have improved the taste, somewhat.


Dry whole milk tastes better than regular instant non-fat dry milk, but because of the fat content, it can go rancid quickly, and is not recommended for long term food storage. It can also be difficult to locate for purchase. Still, it might be worth it to store some dry whole milk if you have young children. Dry whole milk is typically stored in tins and may be found in ethnic food stores or online.


To make powered milk taste better, it is important to mix it correctly, and chill it well. A good rule of thumb is to prepare the milk and let it chill overnight for the best taste. Mixing in some fresh whole milk will extend your supply of fresh milk and improve upon the taste.


Use your freshest box of dry milk for drinking, and save older boxes for use in recipes. The nutritional content will be the same, but you might notice a positive difference in taste with fresher, unopened boxes or pouches.


When cooking or baking, powered milk cannot be beat. It works extremely well in recipes, with no taste or texture differences in comparison to using fresh milk. The results are excellent, especially in breads and baked goods.


Powered milk can also be used in coffee or to make fancy latte drinks, reducing the usual cost of this comforting treat.


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