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non-gmo food for storage

I tend to read the news in batches. I scan through and see the different headlines waiting for me in my RSS feed and click on different stories on a wide range of topics. One I saw was about GMO corn. To me, corn and soy beans seem to be the go-to for GMO food talk because those two vegetables are pretty ubiquitous throughout the US.

The article I was reading talked about the corn rootworms. Apparently, the genetically modified corn was supposed to be impervious to the corn rootworms. Here’s the thing… Mother Nature is a lot smarter than Monsanto or who ever concocted the fake corn. She has proven this time and time again. The question is, what does it mean when these rootworms can’t be blocked from eating the pesticide laced corn? Well, the natural human response is to invent a stronger pesticide, right? This will only kill the non-human threats I’m sure. We will all be fine, or so they will tell us anyway.

How big of a problem is this really? Well, according to the article, “Three types of Bt corn account for over three quarters of all U.S. corn crops.”

Hmmm, at least it isn’t 100%, I guess. And it’s only one of the many vegetables out there.

The corn tainted by scientists was invented about 1996 and started seeing a lot of use. Everything was apparently still cool in 2003. But over the last 10 years, the corn rootworms and many other bacteria started to get mad and building up a tolerance to everything we can throw at it, be it pesticides or antibiotics.

What do you think the problem is? Myself, I am in the group with people who believe the overuse of pesticides and antibiotics in crops and animals is doing nothing but making the threats evolve into super threats.

All of this talk started me thinking about how little we really think about all of the poisons we place into our bodies on a daily basis. How little we value our health in comparison to saving a few cents a pound on food from the store. Here at eFoodsDirect, you will see some icons on the pages with the food. Okay, there are a lot of icons.

efoodsDirect Certifications

These icons are all of the different things to brag about. All of the things making the food you’ll buy here a lot more healthy than you’d get most places if you were buying it fresh from the GMO fields.

non-gmo food for storage

While you might think this is a ploy to conjure up more customers, it’s actually not. When you buy food as insurance for your survival if something disastrous happens, the last thing you need is to have unhealthy food reducing your odds of survival.

The food and other supplies you decide to purchase could very well be your livelihood someday.
Take the time to read the labels, try eating it for a week and see if you can live comfortably on the amount you are planning to eat each day or each week. Being prepared is just that, you are eliminating as many surprises as you can so you can maintain some semblance of your normal life during uncertain times.

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