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Just image yourself, right now, as a farmer. Pretend you don’t care what happens to the people who eat your food; you just want to make as much money as possible. What is the best route to go? You will probably want to use GMO seeds to protect the crop and get as much food as possible from it. Might as well get more food for the same amount of work. Since your crop is immune to pesticides, you can use more this year to ensure you will not lose any food and get rid of those extra weeds. A bigger, fuller crop will mean more money in the end. Why not spray it just one more time.

This is the problem we are seeing right now. Far too many farmers are using GMO seeds and spraying them with extra pesticides. A study noted by the Huffington Post showed a 303 million pound increase in pesticide use from 1996 to 2011. With weeds becoming more resistant and more difficult to kill, farmers have just loaded up the amount of pesticides they put on the crop. We are even seeing an increase in insecticides because bugs are becoming resistant to the GMOs. More and more chemicals are just piling up on the crops.

Ignoring the fact that we have no idea what GMOs are doing to us, pesticides are actually tied to Parkinson’s disease, according to Reuters. These pesticides are known to interrupt cell function and cause more mental diseases later in life.

What does it mean?

It means you should never eat GMOs. Even if we don’t know how our bodies are responding to GMOs, the mere fact that we are ingesting more and more pesticides with them. We are setting ourselves up for more mental diseases later in life. Our brain cannot function properly with all the chemicals we put in it. What’s worse is that the FDA has no problems with farmers selling us food that will, eventually, cause harmful effects.

Was anyone really that surprised to find out that putting extra chemicals in our bodies every day for thirty years would cause our brain to be blocked and stop functioning properly? It isn’t that surprising, but I guess it gives us another reason to avoid GMOs. eFoodsDirect only sources ingredients from non-GMO farmers, which means you can eat it 20 years from now without worrying about developing Parkinson’s Disease.

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