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Have you been paying attention to what’s happening in the South and on the East coast? The snow and winter weather wreaking havoc on the people there. Even with the predictions of bad weather, people are still stubborn and think it will be no big deal. They think they can literally weather the storm. The problem seems to be, most people can’t. People are out of their comfort zone. They are not equipped to handle the situation.

People here in the Midwest joke about the Southern cities declaring emergencies and shutting down because they have an inch or two of snow and some ice. The truth is, no matter the situation, there is a need to be able to take care of yourself and your family. If everyone is making a run to the grocery store to get food at the same time to beat the snowfall, what are the odds you’ll be able to get the exact items you’d like in the quantities you’d like? Pretty slim.

Something as simple as grocery shopping can be a horrific experience when there is a disaster looming or in progress. I’ve heard stories about how it took people 14 hours to go one mile. How far is it to the grocery store from your house? Could you walk there if needed? Do you have cash so you can buy food when the power is out from the ice storm taking down the power lines?¬†All of these things should be considered.

Having a little extra food on hand is a good thing. Have you thought about having an emergency kit with food and other supplies in your vehicle in case you are stuck on the road in standstill traffic for 8-24 hours?

I know it’s super easy to sit here and pick out all of the things the people in the South and on the East coast should have done. Looking at their mistakes is actually the right thing to do. You can learn from their lack of preparation and see the outsome. It’s basically a case study in progress.
Some lessons I took away from the snow emergencies this winter are:

  • Keep your gas take full in case you get stuck in your car.
  • Keep some food in your car.
  • Keep some sort of way to stay warm in your vehicle. An extra coat, blankets and even some sort of way to create heat safely.
  • Keep several days worth of some easy to prepare food on hand at all times.
  • Have some water stored for drinking, cooking and hygene in case your pipes burst from the cold.
  • Prepare for higher utility bills. This year people are using a record amount of propane and other fuels to heat their homes this winter.

The takeaway from this is learning from other people’s mistakes. While upcoming situations won’t be identical, something happening now can give you light into how people react. Look at natural disasters like hurricanes, fires and floods. Even if these events aren’t likely to happen in your area, learning how people might react can be useful. Get some spare items. Enough for you and your family to be comfortable for a week or longer. That’s all it comes down to really. Being ready.

What are your thoughts on the winter storms and how people are reacting?

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