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If you keep up with the news regularly, chances are that you’ve read or heard about the miraculous story of the family of six.  When a fun day in the snow took a turn for the worst, it became a matter of life and death.  A miracle; however, was only part of the equation, this family was smart.  It was the wisdom and quick thinking of the father who ultimately saved their lives until rescuers could come.  When temperatures are below freezing, your survival becomes reliant on having a heat source; you can last about 3 days without food, but freeze to death over night.

As often happens on snowy winter roads, the family’s vehicle went off the road and rolled, causing its functionality to be compromised.   With the engine, and subsequently the heater, out of commission, the race to find heat and live had begun.  The father gathered kindling from nearby and built a fire in their spare tire, then heated rocks and delivered them to the wrecked car to provide warmth for his family.  The fact that all 6 family member survived in sub-zero temperatures for two days can be largely attributed the wisdom and preparedness of the father.  What a great story of knowing what to do in a winter emergency.

But, this could never happen to you and your family, that kind of stuff only happens to other people, right?  WRONG!  There are thousands and thousands of accidents and stranded adventurers each winter in the United States, many of whom whose endings aren’t nearly as happy as this story.  What if some matches or another fire source, blankets, and some food could mean life or death for you and/or your family?  It very well could during winter months.  Do you really want to put off your preparation, assuming it really isn’t necessary?  I personally would rather not take that chance.

I know what you’re thinking, “But it’s complicated to collect ALL the emergency supplies I would need to be prepared.  I wouldn’t even know what to get.”  Well if this is what you are thinking, you’re in luck; we’ve helped you out by putting together a survival kit that has nearly everything you would need to survive a winter emergency.  The Personal Blackout Backpack comes equipped with enough food, fire starting tools, water source, and blankets to sustain two people for three days; enough time for emergency responders to find and rescue you.

In an ABC news article, Steve Howe, a survival expert teaches us the following, “…food helps when you are stuck but clothing and shelter are the most important things.”  In an emergency winter situation, your first priority should be to locate shelter and build a fire; this is much easier when you have fire building tools handy.  He also emphasizes that staying put is almost always the best option.  Had the father in the story gone to try and get help, chances are he would never have made it, and as a result the rest of the family probably wouldn’t have survived.

As the Christmas season carries on, it’s easy to focus on the fun and festive things and finding the perfect gifts, but I encourage you to take some time to focus on increasing your preparedness.  As awesome as a Kindle Fire would be to receive, it won’t do you much good if you’re stranded, unless, of course, it’s actually on fire.  Consider the Personal Blackout Backpack as a gift this year for those you love; a gift which ultimately may save their life some day.

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