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During and after any “Major” disaster, power and supply lines will be cut indefinitely.  That means no power and no supplies, especially food, for weeks, months, and in a worse case scenario, for years.  During this time, people who are not prepared with extra food stores will starve to death during the first few weeks of the disaster.  And dealing with the extreme challenges of trying to find food during the aftermath will be very, very difficult.  There will be starving people trying to find food while committing mass crime waves, lootings, gang warfare, killings, lawlessness, rioting, etc.  So, with the current political situation and natural disasters increasing, having extra food stores is vital to your survival during and after a disaster.

When planning on how much food to store, you need to ask yourself this question:  Will I be storing food for just myself, my family or my survival group?  At the bare minimum, everyone needs at least a thirty day supply of food on hand.  This means when a disaster strikes, you can go home without stopping at the grocery store and have on hand at any given time at least a month supply of food.  But at a minimum, everyone should have at least a one year supply of food.  However, a basic supply of three or more years is your best bet in surviving any man-made or natural disaster worse case scenario.

Some other questions to ask yourself would be:  Where will I store all my extra food stores?  Will I be storing my extra food stores at my home and my survival retreat?  How much will I be storing at each place?  These questions will be answered in a future article. And the next question, where will I get the money to buy the extra food stores?

When it comes to money to buy extra food, people need to reprioritize their lives and get back to the basics.  If a family goes out to a movie after every payday, they could turn around and invest that money in food.  Folks should take a good look at their live and see where they could cut luxuries for necessities by investing in food.  Every time you go grocery shopping, spend a little extra to buy extra food.  Start with an extra weeks worth.  Then over time a months worth, then two months worth, then three months and so forth.  Have a yard sale and all the money collected, spend it on food.  Some folks I know have cashed in their 401K’s and IRA’s to get the money to buy food in bulk.  Others who don’t have any money to invest in food might want to consider if they have survival skills to trade when joining a survival group who has extra food stores?  If people really think about their situation, there are was to find the money to invest in food for when things get bad.

Next week’s article:  Shopping for your food stores.

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  1. larry sica

    I feel something or some type of civil uprising is eminent. To be prepared is not eccentric it is prudent. I would like to investigate a little more and purchase the food package when I can afford it.