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There are a lot of different demographics you must take into consideration when planning your food storage: Elderly, children/babies, sick, handicapped, etc.  But we’re forgetting one very important member or members of the family, the pets.

Most pet owners, I will direct this post specifically towards dogs, buy one bag of food and then head to the store when it’s nearly empty.  It is uncommon to stockpile dog food in case of an emergency.  When supplies are running low, the first priority in each household will be to feed the family, and table scraps most likely will not be an option for the dog. So how do we insure that our furry family members will be taken care of?

The most simple way to plan for your pet is to figure out how long a bag of their food lasts and buy an many bags as it would take to feed them for the desired amount of time; I would recommend 3 months.  It is fairly simple to figure this out.  Generally speaking, two cups of dog food equals about a pound.  So you need to figure out how many cups are in a bag.  If 2 cups equals a pound, and you have a 30 pound bag, you would have about 60 cups of dog food.  Next, you would have to figure out how much your dog needs to be fed every day.  I will use my dog as an example.  I have a 60 lb lab who is 9 months old, the dog food I use recommends 4 cups of dog food per day, my 30lb bag of dog food will last about 20 days.  I would need to buy 4 bags of dog food to ensure my dog would have food for 3 months.

You can also stockpile canned dog food; however, unless you find a great deal, that can be very expensive.  You can stockpile both dry and canned food to give your dog more variety if you would like.  Nutritionally, grain-free dog foods are the healthiest for your dog.  Another benefit of grain-free dog food is, because of its higher content of high quality ingredients, the serving sizes are smaller and the bag of food will last longer.

Your pets will provide you comfort and happiness in times of turmoil and panic.  They will love you unconditionally, so it’s only right you return the favor and make sure they are cared for during hard times.

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