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friendship-1-591715-mSo often I feel a call to reach out and help others. I am sure that you do, too. With all of the causes and needs out there, it can often be tough to filter through everything and make the right decisions about where to place our efforts.

While I do believe that we are one people in one world, this year I feel strongly lead to focus on helping others close to home, in my community, in my circle, in the people I come across in my daily walk through life.

Sometimes it is hard to know what to do, when a friend or a neighbor is struggling. I think I have found a way, though, that seems to work in many situations. I can provide a meal.

I usually cook up something warm and comforting just for the neighbor. Sometimes I call ahead, and sometimes I just leave it anonymously. One thing that bothered me though, is my own conscious. How much difference can one meal make? While it might fill the bellies of a struggling family for one night, there were all of the other nights to account for. I really wanted to make a difference. I also couldn’t spend a lot of money.

I decided to sell a few items around the home. These were just a few outgrown or unused things, mostly toys, clothing, and a couple of extra pieces of furniture, items we would never miss. I made almost $200 from the sales, and since I sold through a local Facebook group, the whole process was quick and easy.


I took my earning and purchased the eFoodsDirect One-Month Food Supply and had it shipped to my neighbor, anonymously. Because the food costs much less than what I had to spend, I am saving the difference toward helping another family that we know.

To keep away the confusion, I left a note in the neighbor’s mailbox, on the day I ordered, saying that there would be something coming their way that was already paid for, and that I hoped they would enjoy it.

I thought this was a pretty good solution. I got to clean out my home from clutter, my kids got to participate in helping someone else, and a family will have wonderful food to eat while they get back on their feet.

What do you think? Any suggestions for the future? What is you favorite way to help someone in need?

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