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When storing emergency food supplies, special considerations should be made for families. In my last post, I offered some advice and tips to use as a general guideline for putting away emergency food supplies for kids. Let us take that one step further and talk about how to select the right ingredients and types of food for children.

Choose Family Favorites

Children have different taste palates than do adults. For one thing, their taste buds tend to be more sensitive, especially to spicy and bitter tastes. Make sure your emergency food supply meals are not too spicy or over seasoned. For example, you might want to steer clear of ethnic foods unless your children are used to them.

Select foods that are already favorites for your kids. What if you don’t yet have kids but want to be prepared for the future? This is a reasonable practice, since most quality emergency food supply kits can last for 25 years or more. Most children enjoy simple meals that include pasta, cheese, oatmeal, pancakes, muffins, chicken, carrots and fruit.

The Importance of Snacks

Children have a great need for quality snacks to keep them going throughout the day. Because they have smaller stomachs but high energy needs, snacks between meals are an important part of their diets. In an emergency situation, kids (just like adults) may be required to exert more energy. Having plenty of snacks on hand will be valuable.

Check Ingredient Labels

You want to be able to provide the best for your children, even in an emergency. Make sure to check ingredient labels on your food before you store it. When you are in the middle of a disaster, the last thing you want to find out is that you can’t give food to your children because of a food allergy.

After eliminating foods that might cause allergic reactions, filter out the unwanted ingredients such as MSG, chemical preservatives or dyes, trans fats, etc. You don’t want serve those things to your kids at any time, especially in a situation when keeping them healthy is the priority.


4 Responses to “How to Select Emergency Food Supplies for Kids”

  1. Patrick Fauceglia

    You describe foods for children but do not suggest any products especially for children.
    If you do have such packaged foods please list them, if not what do you recommend?

  2. Mary Ann Romans

    Hi Patrick,

    While I haven’t come across any products specifically made for children, I can make some recommendations based on my own experiences with children. Most kids who are ten and over can usually eat most or all of a typical adult-sized meal. In this case, just selecting regular meals that have flavors that would appeal to children is fine.

    For younger children, aged three through nine, splitting an adult meal between them (if you have more than one child), saving the remains of the meal, or using the leftovers to supplement another meal would work.

    Among the offerings at efoodsDirect, I would probably start with either a family food pack, or responder kits based on how many children you have. Specific items such as the tropical fruit medley, the white cheddar sauce pasta, cheesy chicken rice, apple cinnamon oatmeal and the pancake mix will probably be at the top of the favorites list for kids.

    Thanks for the comment, Patrick, and please let me know if that answered your question! If not, I’ll keep trying.


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