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Preppers are noticing that items they could once stock easily are now in short supply. Some of these items now have inflated prices due to high demand, while other products are hard to get no matter what. If you come across any of the following items, you might want to seriously stock up before things get even worse.

.22 ammo

Long the choice of preppers everywhere, .22 ammo is not only good for defending oneself WTSHTF, but it will probably be an excellent form of currency after government collapse. .22 ammo can be used in the most popular types of firearms.

The increased demand from preppers, combined with the fact that more and more people are investing the time in learning how to shoot has created a high demand. At least that is what the media is telling us. Unfortunately, manufacturers have not stepped up the game. Most manufacturers claim that they are operating at full capacity.

There is speculation that manufacturers are taking advantage of the increased demand to increase prices as well, offering their ammo for sale online, direct to the buyer. As a result, retail stores may not be getting enough stock. When stock does come in, some savvy sporting goods store employees may be snapping it up and then selling it at gun shows or again, direct to the buyers, with inflated prices. In a typical scenario, stores can sell out their .22 ammo is 15 minutes or less.

One option that some preppers, and shooting enthusiasts, are turning to is the reloading kit. This DIY solution usually comes with a crimping tool and other supplies to allow you to reload bullets.

Saline Solution

Saline solution, yes salt water, has been on the drug shortage list since 2013. Most sterile saline solution is used to start IVs and dilute other drugs. The shortage is so bad that some desperate hospitals have been substituting their “training” solution in patients, with some adverse consequences. About 20 million intravenous saline IV bags are used nationally each month, according to the FDA.

Sterile saline solution can be used for other purposes, such as rinsing contact lenses, for nasal irrigation and for wound irrigation. It is also used in lab experiments.

The FDA says that the shortage is due to a spike in demand but won’t say where that increased demand is coming from. Currently, there are only three US saline manufacturers and no end to the shortage in sight. The FDA says they are evaluating foreign manufactures to help increase supply.

Preppers should stock basic saline solution for rinsing out eyes or for rinsing wounds. For this, the store brand stuff sold for contact use is fine, as long as it doesn’t contain other detergents or chemicals. Check expiration dates, because saline solution is not known for having an extra long shelf life.

If you can get it, the real .09 percent saline solution in IV bags would be the ultimate prepping supply, providing valuable fluids for treating dehydration, blood loss, a heart that is beating too fast, or to help provide a steady supply of antibiotics. Unfortunately, this type of saline requires a prescription, so most preppers may be out of luck there.

Check back often as we add new items we predict will become scarce.

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