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Canned Goods

My closest grocery store has a special big sale periodically, and I took full advantage of it this time. It’s a “Case Lot” sale, where canned goods and other items are cheaper by the case. I bought several cases of canned items we use regularly. It feels good to know that I’m quite a few cans ahead of where I was before.

But those canned goods on sale wasn’t my favorite find. Along with case lots, right now that store also has (on sale!) items for other aspects of food storage: bulk sizes of grains, jars for home canning, and other items. And the item I got the most excited about was a can rotating system. I bought two of them – enough for 9 products. I put them in my pantry to hold some of my cans from my case lots. (The rest of the cans went to the basement as overstock until we need to replenish our upstairs supply.) I wish my pantry would hold more of these rotation systems because I have more than 9 products I keep on hand all the time, but at least this is a start. It’s fun (yes, I said “fun”) to pull out the bottom can and watch the others move down the track.

Do you know why you should rotate your food storage? You probably know a few reasons, but there are probably more than you’ve thought of yet. Let’s take a look at some reasons to rotate.

  1. Foods deteriorate. That’s why there’s a “Best By….” date on things, remember? And while the product will still be good up to that date (and even beyond), it isn’t going to get any better, or any fresher. The taste isn’t going to get more enticing, and the nutrition isn’t going to grow while it sits.
  2. If you’ve never had it, you may not like it – even if it’s all there is to eat. This is especially true for children, who can have select tastes. A lot of us have food storage that isn’t packaged for day-to-day use. It may be in a large container, and you don’t want to open it until the emergency happens. The problem is, even with products that say they are “delicious,” if you’ve never tried them, you may struggle to eat them in an emergency. We like to eat things that are familiar. Thankfully, a lot of companies including eFoods Direct sell smaller packages of their food so you can try them before buying in bulk.
  3. Food storage items are generally (dare I say “always?”) healthier than convenience food counterparts. They are also cheaper! So, daily living can be less expensive if you are using food storage (and replacing it as needed).
  4. You need to be familiar with what you have. If all your food storage is boxed up and kept in the basement or under beds and you never even look at it, how do you know what you have? How do you know what you still need? It’s better to be rotating through your storage so that you are intimately familiar with the products you have – and know what you still want to get.
  5. When you’re using your food storage regularly, you can take advantage of case lot sales when they happen at a grocery store near you.

Rotate your food storage and maximize the effectiveness of your preparations.


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