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You tap water could be dosing your family with harmful hormones, medications and more!

With summer’s heat and humidity here to stay for a while, I have been encouraging my active kids to drink plenty of water. After all, it is better and more hydrating that soda, juice drinks and anything else that contains high amounts of sugar, artificial food dyes and chemicals.  Isn’t it?

Maybe not so much. I did some research and came across a couple of studies that show just how many harmful contaminates may be contained in a single glass of the average home’s tap water. The most provoking is a study done by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), which shows a scary chemical cocktail that includes hormones, drugs and pesticides, none of which requires our government testing. Along with these, we might expect other toxins, such as barium, chromium, copper, E. coli, lead, and nitrate, although the amounts of which the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does regulate.

Back to all the unregulated stuff. Hundreds of different kinds of these substances could be flowing from your tap and into your body or the bodies of your children. Antibiotics, anti-seizure drugs and more have been detected. That is not all. Herbicides, BPA, DEET,  antidepressants, pain relievers, chemicals from non-stick cookware, artificial sweeteners, chemical fragrances, and even flame retardant may also be in your water.  This scary news applies whether you have city water or well water.

Why doesn’t the government regulate any of it? These substances, are each as individual contaminates, considered to be at too low a level to be worth bothering with. Even if you trust this, what do you think might happen, though, when hundreds of them are all mixed together. It is something to consider, because it is happening right now.

How can you protect your family? Buying bottled water won’t do it. Bottled water is often sourced from taps, and even it is guaranteed to be coming from a natural stream, realize that all groundwater may be contaminated, at this point. The EPA found several contaminates contained in various brands of bottled water. These included arsenic, pain killers, and caffeine.

To protect yourself and your family, you will need to invest in a good solid water filter. There is just no way around it. Water filters come in various forms, including portable water filters, refrigerator models, under-sink versions, filters that attach to the tap, and whole house filters. Do your research and make sure that the manufacturer of the filter is clear on which contaminates will be removed. You may need to combine filters to get the best results.

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