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In keeping with my standing as self-appointed purveyor of gloom, I note an article in Monday’s New York Times warning consumers to brace themselves for a 20% hike in the price of virtually everything they buy.

What makes this particularly notable is that until quite recently, the establishment media, in concert with a gaggle of happy-face spokesmen for the federal government, have been bending over backwards to assure us all that an economic recovery is just over the horizon and that everything is sure to get rosier any minute now.

What has kept the volcano from erupting thus far is that during last year’s Christmas shopping season, manufacturers and retailers did everything they could to absorb rising costs without passing those costs on to the consumer.  But they’re saying they can’t continue to hold the lid on the thing any longer.  The cost of commodities is rising, and fast.

“Prices for corn, sugar, wheat, beef, pork, and coffee are soaring,” the Times reports. “Labor overseas is becoming more expensive, meanwhile, and so are the utility bills to keep factories running.”

It’s not just those few commodities that are rising.  The cost of everything made and sold is about to shoot out of control, and that includes every imaginable variety of food.

Most of us can handle the rising price of a handful of items, but not this.  This an unavoidable twenty percent increase in the price of everything you buy. It may be more realistic to look at it in terms of a 20% decrease in your wages.  That’s the effect it will have on your purchasing power.  It will feel as if you have just taken a huge cut in pay.

And that 20% doesn’t take into account the coming inflation of the money supply, so expect it to get much worse.

I’ve long maintained, aside from any possibility of natural disasters occurring, the real reason you should be storing food is simply because food will soon cost much more than it does right now.  That is the primary reason you need to lay up a supply.  Simple common sense economics.  Buy all you can right now, because tomorrow you won’t be able afford some of those things you really need.

And what you need more than anything tomorrow is to be able to eat.

If you’ve been putting off starting your food storage program, get started.  Now.

If you’ve already started, get more.  When the establishment media finally gets around to telling you things are getting bad, you can count on the fact that it’s actually much worse than they are daring to let on.

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