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Knowledge is Power (KiP)  In this next series of articles, I will be writing on “Knowledge is Power”.  The more accurate and informative information you have to gain the “Knowledge” needed in preparing your life and the lives of your family, the better off you will be in a very uncertain future.

It is very interesting that in our daily lives, we have auto insurance, fire insurance, home owner insurance, life insurance and even medical insurance.  Because with all the crazy and unexpected people in the world and all the problems with failures with technology, you never know when something unexpected will happen that you will need these types of insurance.  However, there is one insurance that is quiet often overlooked and that is “Preparedness Insurance”.     

Some people might say, Why do I need “Preparedness Insurance”?  And I would say due to the fact that both man-made and natural disasters are drastically increasing worldwide, one would need to be prepared.

With Man-Made Disasters, you can expect an Economic Collapse, Hyperinflation, Massive Civil Disorder and Crime Waves, EMP Attack, Martial Law and a Foreign Troop / U.N. Invasion.

With Natural Disasters, you can expect Massive Solar Storms (CME) , a combination of a Magnetic and Physical Pole Shift with winds in excess of 300+ MPH, massive Earthquakes in excess of 10.0 in magnitude and massive worldwide Volcanic Eruptions.

So at a bare minimum, one should have a year’s supply of the following four items to cover their basic personal “Preparedness Insurance”.

#1 is Water – You can only live for about three days without water, so it is your number one priority.  So having at least a thirty day supply minimum with one gallon per person per day stored and a known good quality source where you can get more water when needed is crucial for your survival.

#2 is Food – Having a year’s supply of food all stored in a very safe location with the exception of no more than a two week supply of food in your pantry is also crucial for your survival.  In this year supply of food, you will want a variety foods that includes canned foods, dehydrated/freeze dried foods and some MRE’s.

#3 is First Aid Supplies – Common since should tell the average prepper that in a TEOTWAWKI scenario, one will not be able to go down to your local drug store to purchase additional medical supplies.  There for, it is crucial to have the additional medical supplies that include bandages, medicines and a very good first aid book on hand.

#4 is Guns and Ammo – As I have mentioned on numerous occasions, it is crucial that every member of your family and/or group to have a pistol and a rifle or shotgun.  They are for the protection of your family and all your supplies from all the gangs and people that will come out of the woodwork who did not prepare and be willing to kill for them.  This also includes a good gun cleaning kit and at least 1000 rounds of ammo per gun minimum.

These four item are the minimum for “Preparedness Insurance”.  Any additional items and supplies will only enhance your survivability with these upcoming disasters.  So having “Preparedness Insurance” will mean the difference between “Life and Death” with the upcoming man-made and natural disasters that we will strike us in the very near future.

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