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Knowledge is Power (KiP):  Everyone at one time or another in their lives should have heard of a “72 Hour Kit”.  Personally as a disaster preparedness instructor for over seventeen years now, I do not believe in them or teach them in my classes.

When any major disaster strikes, there is always hunger and grave suffering in the aftermath.  Recent disasters over the last century here in the U.S. have proven this fact.  Listed are just a few of them.

  • 1906 – San Francisco Earthquake and Fire – An estimated 12,000 died, another 15,000+ injured and another 200,000+ homeless.
  • 1918 – Influenza Pandemic – An estimated 675,000 American men, women and children died and another estimated 3.5 million others were sickened.
  • 1925 – Tri-State Tornado – Killed 695, injured another 1500+ and made another 110,000+ homeless.
  • 1931 to 1939 – The Great Depression – An estimated 7 million homeless American men, women and children died from exposure and starvation.
  • 1988 – Heat Wave – An estimated 10,000+ Americans died of temps over 110 degrees for prolonged periods.
  • 2005 – Hurricane Katrina – The official death toll was 1833 deaths, the unofficial death toll was over 11,000 deaths and the cost of destruction was over $108 billion.
  • 2008 – Hurricane Ike – Killed 195, injured another 1000+, made over 100,000 homeless and the cost of destruction was over 37.5 billion.
  • 2012 – Hurricane Sandy – Killed 253, injured another 2000+, made over 175,000 homeless and the cost of destruction was over $65.6 billion.  Now months later, thousands are still homeless and the government still has not done anything to help.

Hurricane Ike 

After Hurricane Katrina, how many of the eleven thousand plus people died because of no help came, from exposure to the elements, gang murders, home invasions, no food or fresh water, etc?  After Hurricane Ike, FEMA never showed up and the American Red Cross only helped in a few areas.  And even recently after Hurricane Sandy, FEMA showed up only in certain areas and just watched as people suffered and offered very little help.  Can you rely and trust the government to actually show up and help during the post disaster recovery phase?  Lately the government has a very bad track record in helping its citizens in a post disaster situation.  With all the major political bureaucracy and red tape after any major disaster, help could arrive within a few hours, to a few days, to a few weeks or help will never arrive.  This is when you’re on your own indefinitely.  The only person that can help you is yourself.  So are you willing to bet your life and the lives of your family on the government’s track record?

Case in point:  In 2010, a 7.0 earthquake struck near Port au Prince, Haiti killing over 316,000 men, women and children, injuring another 300,000 and leaving another 1,000,000+ homeless.  Now in 2013, three years later there are still over 700,000 men, women and children homeless.

With both man-made and natural disasters increasing in both in frequency and intensity, it’s only a matter of time until a major or mega disaster strikes the United States with such magnitude and over a large geographical area, help would never arrive.  Again, this is when you’re on your own indefinitely.

The following upcoming disasters can result in help never arriving in a post disaster situation.

Man-Made Disasters

  • Civil War / Revolution
  • Economic Collapse resulting in Hyperinflation
  • EMP attack
  • Epidemics / Pandemics
  • Foreign Troop / U.N. Invasion
  • Martial Law
  • Massive Civil Disorder and Crime Waves
  • Race wars

Natural Disasters

  • Asteroid, Comet or Meteorite impacts
  • Earthquakes in excess of 10.0 in magnitude
  • Heat waves with temps in excess 120 degrees
  • Magnetic and Physical Pole Shift
  • Massive passing space body
  • Massive Solar Storms (CME)
  • Tsunamis in excess of 1000 feet
  • Volcanic Eruptions
  • Wind Storms in excess of 300+ MPH

In time, there will be a time when you’re on your own after a disaster and the only thing that will keep you and your family alive will be your survival knowledge and skills.

In the disaster preparedness class I teach, I recommend at the extreme bare minimum a thirty day supply of food, medical supplies, water and some way to defend you, your family and supplies.  Better yet I strongly recommend a MINIMUM ONE YEAR of SUPPLIES.  The more supplies you have in a safe, defensible location, along with the knowledge and skills, the better you will SURVIVE.  Do not rely on help from the government, you will only suffer more or lose your freedom.

Prepare now for the upcoming disasters before it is too late or face the consequences when the time comes.

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