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Knowledge is Power (KiP)  “Where Not to Be” when all hell breaks loose will mean the difference between life, being enslaved or the death of millions.

Out of all the places to be in the United Stated, the #1 place not to be is the entire south western region of the United States to include the entire southern California south of the San Francisco area, southern Nevada/Las Vegas area and southwest Arizona.  This region has the largest gang presences in all of the U.S.  When all hell breaks loose with mass widespread anarchy, looting, riots, etc., these very violent gangs will defiantly take advantage of the situation and go on mass killing and raping sprees and take what they want.

Other areas will be all major cities across the U.S., especially in the eastern states.  Starting with cities with a population over one million then working the way down to smaller cities with populations over 500,000 then over 100,000, then smaller cities.  With two thirds of the U.S. population is in the eastern half of the country, you can easily see that this part of the country is not a good place to be.

With upcoming natural disasters, all coastal regions within at least 100 miles will be instant death traps with tsunamis that can reach at least 1000 feet.  In certain regions of the U.S., earthquakes in excess of 10.0 will destroy massive areas.  The New Madred Fault Zone will be especially deadly due to the geologic softness of the soil.

The map below shows a 100 mile radius around all nuclear power plants here in the U.S.  With the aftermath of these earthquakes like after Fukushima in Japan, radiation from these numerous nuclear power plants would make large portions of the U.S., especially in the east, uninhabitable for decades if not centuries.

And from massive volcanic eruptions in the American west, very large portions of the country will be devastate with tons of ash fallout.  This has happened numerous times in the geologic past and will happen again.

When things start to go to hell with mass rioting, lootings, killings and home invasions all across America, there is not of local, state and federal law enforcement to suppress the massive amount of widespread violence and starving people.  This is when our traitorous government will initiate martial law and call in the foreign troops to quell the violence. (see “Security and Prosperity Partnership” signed by Bush in 2005)  People will either escape, die or be taken prisoners by these foreign invaders.

When this time comes, most people that are afraid and starving will blindly give up their freedoms and liberty for food, security and slavery.  These gullible people will go willingly to the F.E.M.A. camps for food and security.  Then one day they will wake up and realize they have become slaves of a socialist government.  A government that would easily put the husband in one camp, the wife in another camp and their children in another camp in a way to better control them.

So the choice of where not to be when all hell breaks loose is something that everyone really needs to consider when preparing for such disasters with food storage.

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