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Campfire songs

Natural disasters and other emergency situations can have a profound effect on a person’s life. Not only can such an experience be very physically draining, but the stress can take its toll on a person’s emotions as well. If not combated, fear, panic, and depression can set in and make an emergency situation even worse. In fact, the simple loss of morale can even cause some to give up the will to live in more extreme situations. So if a positive attitude is so important for survival, it is important when preparing for an emergency to prepare for it emotionally as well.

Causes of Low Morale

Morale is a person’s mental and emotional condition. There are many factors that cause a person to lose morale. Generally speaking, any factors that lead to stress, sadness, and hopelessness will decrease a person’s morale. In an emergency situation, nothing leads to these negative emotions more than a lack of necessities. All humans require food, water, warmth, and shelter in order to survive and be happy. If during an emergency however a person is hungry, thirsty, or cold, it will not take long for feelings of depression to set in. Providing for these basic necessities then should be of primary concern.

Proper Preparation

As already stated, one very important way to prepare for emergencies is to make sure everyone in the family has their basic needs met. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that every food storage item has to taste badly. Pack food that your family likes to eat. While it’s important to have nutritious food, it’s okay to have some sweets as well. Good tasting food will go a long way in helping your family members cope with the stress of an emergency. A quick and easy way to prepare food storage is by purchasing family food packs from efoods. They provide easy-to-prepare meals for everyone in your family. As a bonus, they contain all the essential nutrients your family needs and they happen to taste good as well.

Another important way to prepare—and one that is almost always overlooked—is including entertainment items in your emergency supply kit. Playing cards, travel size games, coloring books and crayons, and any other items that can be used for keeping your family entertained should be included in your emergency supplies. If a family member can play an instrument, bring that along as well. Just sitting around a warm fire singing songs or playing cards can help keep feelings of hopelessness at bay.

Finally, even if you don’t have any entertainment items in your emergency supplies, you can still keep your family’s morale up by recalling fond memories and talking about future plans. Ultimately no matter your family’s situation, you can choose to be positive and focused on getting out of the situation, or you can choose to give in to feelings of depression. Just remember that it is a choice.


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