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In a survival situation, does it matter what you have for breakfast? As long as you get the day off to a great start with enough calories to have energy to do the work you need to do, it probably doesn’t. You could eat anything you have stored, but why not have a traditional breakfast? You can if you plan for it!

There are plenty of items that can be a part of a great traditional breakfast even in an emergency. Several are even sold by eFoods Direct; let’s take a look!

Pancakes – You might not be able to make waffles (a waffle iron might not be on hand) but you can still make pancakes! Using a pancake/waffle mix is so much easier than making up pancakes from eggs, milk, flour — you get the picture. If it’s an emergency and you’re living off your food storage, use the mix. I’ve used it, and it’s great.

Oatmeal – Oatmeal provides energy-rich carbohydrates and protein. You can use oatmeal for breakfast as well as other recipes and baked goods like cookies and muffins.

Powdered Eggs – Unless you have chickens to provide fresh eggs, you will want to have powdered eggs. They can be used for breakfast (scrambled or baked), or in recipes that call for eggs.

Biscuit Mix – Remember when mom would make fresh biscuits for breakfast? You could slather butter and jam or honey on them and it would be a taste of heaven! A great addition to your food storage for breakfasts is a biscuit mix. Usually, all you have to do is add water, which is helpful in an emergency situation. Remember to have butter and jam or honey on hand, too! (Note: Biscuit mixes often have a shorter shelf life because of the shortening and leavening agents, so take that into consideration when you buy. The conditions under which they are packaged and stored also affect the shelf life.)

Cereals – Granola and other boxed cereals can be poured from their bags or boxes into #10 cans and sealed. Did you remember to store milk? If not, you can still snack on the dry cereal. eFoods Direct carries a multi-grain cereal, which includes wheat, barley, oats and rye. Adding milk makes it delicious, but the grains can also be softened with water. Try adding honey to sweeten it up!

Powdered Milk – Powdered whey milk has calcium, vitamins and protein, and it is useful in many recipes. The eFoods Direct milk comes powdered in mylar pouches (8 servings/pouch), making it very easy to store and use as needed. It is creamy and delicious!

Juices – For a different taste than water or milk, you can store some kind of juice product like powdered, concentrated or canned juices. Try to find one with good nutrient value, but if not, at least it will be a treat. You can get a yummy orange drink (remember Tang?) from eFoods Direct, packed in Mylar pouches (8 servings/pouch), making it very easy to store and use.

There are many great things that can be made for breakfast, if one plans ahead. With a great traditional breakfast in your belly, even a hard day can be a good one.

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