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I’ve returned from my hiatus, and lemme me tell ya…

                                                                                      it’s good to be back!

For the last four weeks I have been working on converting a 3-acre plot of land in the middle of my neighborhood into an experimental permaculture garden. Let me tell you, it has been an experience! Who knew that so much could come from such a small plot of land? Well, the proof will be in the pudding when we see the results of our labors over the next couple of years.

But we can chew on that later.

No, my malfunction right now is that I can’t help but feel that, well, to borrow a phrase from an 80s-era movie, “Something wicked this way comes.” Look, bad news of some sort is never more than a hop, skip and a jump away, but lately? My word! It’s like the chickens are coming home to roost and the fox is just sitting there in the henhouse hankerin’ for a nice chicken dinner with a side of scrambled eggs.

In English: I am dumbfounded by the sheer amount of high level, crazy stuff that’s gone down in just the last week. Look, I’m a religious guy, so I am probably a smidgen biased on the whole apocalypse thing, but even if I am wrong on that part, you have to admit that it shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to point out that turning a blind eye to these things will leave us standing in deep doo-doo, right?

So what am I talking about?

Last Monday, Natural News reported “a mysterious bright light in the sky has sent Californians into panic.” Apparently, the bright light was actually the USS Kentucky flexing its muscle with a Trident missile “test fire.”

If I didn’t know better, I’d think I was farming beluga, because something smells fishy.

First of all, guess what the payload of a Trident missile is. I mean, it’s a thermonuclear warhead. Second, guess how much one of these babies cost? Try $66,000,000. That’s 66 MILLION DOLLARS! This is substantially more than the 3 or 4 bottle rockets I used to “test fire” every year before the 4th of July.

Third, Natural News brings up a good question: Why did they pick such a populated place to do their “test fire”? They had to essentially shut down the airports. Seems like a bonehead decision to me. I mean, even as a stupid kid, I knew the likelihood of getting caught shooting off illegal fireworks increased exponentially as my distance away from town decreased.

Bright, shiny things streaking across the night sky, and in my case, exploding, tend to draw attention.

Whether it is brinksmanship with the Chinese navy as the Natural News article suggests or something entirely different, it’s something that should have your full attention.

Kind of alarming, isn’t it? There’s more.

I was speaking at Rick Austin’s Prepper Camp a couple of months ago, and someone asked me the following question: “Where’s the last place you’d ever expect to see a ISIS/ISIL training camp?” Being the cheeky fellow I am, I couldn’t help myself when the word “Antarctica” volleyed out of my mouth; I was impressed with my on-the-spot cleverness. “Good one,” he said, and then he took me about a half mile up the hill, handed me a pair of binoculars, and said, “Now how clever are you?” Then he pointed to an area about three miles to the northeast and said, “Tell me what you see.”

Sure enough, there it was plain as day — a fully operational training camp.

It was surreal. It looked just like what you’d picture in your head from all the newsreels of terrorist training camps. Except that with this one the backdrop wasn’t a desert wasteland; it was the rolling hills of Ash County, North Carolina — literally the last place I ever expected to see a jihadi training camp.

It gets worse…


There are actually 22 other confirmed Islamic training communes located throughout the continental United States and Alaska. The map below as reported by shows the known locations as of January of this year. And Hancock, New York is the headquarters? That’s crazy! I know Hancock. Well, back in the early 90s I spent 4 or 5 summers teaching kids to scuba dive at Camp Weequahic and every night at 9 p.m. 75 percent of the counselor staff would hightail it to either the Hancock Town House or Vino’s Pizzeria for $1 Rolling Rocks and a game of pool.

Short of my hometown, the people in Hancock are the last kind of folks I ever expected to let something like that go on right under their noses, but from what I understand, the Obama Administration doesn’t want it touched with a 10-foot pole. You know, because the only thing worse than being attacked on our own soil by folks that trained to do it on our own soil is the perception of being anti-Muslim.

Fair enough, I get it.

Honestly, I’m not interested in being anti-Muslim either. After all, I’ve known my share of good and some bad (sometimes really bad) Christians, and as a result have learned the woes of judging based on anything else but the individual.

Well slap my knee and call me silly…

When did it become a bad thing to be anti-people that want to kill me and destroy every example of my existence?

Seriously, are we really at the point where walking like a duck and talking like a duck no longer meet the necessary burden of proof to actually qualify it as a duck? Come on, people. At the end of the day, I couldn’t care less about your religion. I couldn’t care less about your color or gender. However, as un-politically correct as it may be —

I am anti-terrorist, especially in my own backyard.

If that weren’t bad enough, this whole thing is akin to my city mayor coming to my doorstep and telling me that I cannot pick up the presents all the neighbor dogs have left on my lawn in lieu of offending their owners.


Can you imagine? You can stand on your back porch and watch men running around with AK-47s drilling to kill Americans — YOU, WE, US. And there’s nothing you can do about it — nothing local law enforcement is cleared to do and nothing the Feds are willing to do.

Do I have your attention yet?

If the cake isn’t tall enough for you yet, let me add a final layer of frosting to it. As I find more and more details about these training camps inside the United States (It doesn’t matter how many times I say it, I still cringe: inside our own country.) I can’t help but ask the question, “How the heck are these folks, these jihadists, getting into the country in the first place?”

Here’s you answer:

“Al Qaeda boss who served seven years for terror offences‘smuggled himself into Europe by posing as a refugee’” reported that the leader of an al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist organization, Mehdi Ben Nasr, had smuggled himself across the Mediterranean, posing as one of the thousands of refugees now flooding Europe and many western countries, including the United States. In fact, there roughly 190 locations within our borders that are slated to receive some of these refugees. Don’t get me wrong. If the innocents need help, especially as it relates to the brutal, evil things that these Jihadi barbarians are confronting them with…then we need to help if we can. It is the right thing to do.

Curious if your city is on Obama’s list for Syrian Muslim refugees? Check out my list here.

Is it crazy? Yes.

Is it something we as citizens should be concerned about? It certainly is.

Is there something we can do about it? Most definitely.

As much as many Americans would like to go in there with guns blazing, this obviously isn’t an option. In other words, in this country, no matter what you look like, the idea is that you are innocent until proven guilty, period. Neither the government nor the masses can take away your human liberties simply because they don’t like or agree with you or what you are doing.

Fortunately for us, I don’t think it’s even necessary. Evil things need darkness or anonymity to grow and develop. The Apostle John in book 1 verse 5 echoes this sentiment, saying:

The light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended him not.

In a nutshell, if we want to prevent disaster within the boundaries of our backyards, then we must be more vigilant in shining a bright light on the evil that exists within them. We accomplish this by paying attention to what they are doing and doing it loud and clear so they know they are being watched like hawks. Don’t break any laws, mind you. The time will come when the law will be their condemnation.

Just watch and be seen, document and share…AND BE READY.

Watch their activities and do it in a way that is conspicuous and in the open. When you see something questionable, document it by taking pictures and notes. Then simply share it with your local authorities. I guarantee you that they are just as uneasy about the whole thing as you and I are, and at the end of the day are just itching for a reason to move in.
We live in trying times, my friends.

Please make sure you are prepared for the worst, just in case the worst comes knocking at your front door. Make sure you have access to a minimum of 30 days of food and water for each member of your household. Create a family disaster plan, including points of contact, escape routes, important medication stores, and personal documents, just to name a few. Finally, start a financial reserve consisting of cash and silver or gold bullion so you and your family are well ahead of the curve should the time of need come.

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You need to work with community officials to develop disaster contingency plans and get neighbors involved in implementation and practice. Thomas Jefferson said it best: “An enlightened citizenry is indispensable for the proper functioning of a republic. Self-government is not possible unless the citizens are educated sufficiently to enable them to exercise oversight.”

What a perfect word for the light we’re going to shine on those that would do us harm: oversight.

Stay Safe. Be informed. And get to work preparing yourself and more importantly, helping your neighbors do likewise. It is the single biggest step you can take towards independent living and self-reliance.

Your Friend,
Jax Finn
eFoods Direct

P.S. The fine men and women of our nation’s military have always been of great importance to us at eFoodsDirect. We hold them and their service very dear and close to our hearts.

As we have always honored those brave and selfless individuals for their personal sacrifices in general terms, this year we hope to do something a little different. We’d like to do something that has a little more impact than the standard “Happy Veterans Day” and actually put some faces with the names. So if you have a special veteran in your life and you want to personally thank them for their service, please take the time to add a picture of them to our Facebook page with the hashtag #WeHonorYourService.

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